Food Budgeting 101

When it comes to managing money, grocery shopping is one area that you can save money.
Food Budgeting 101 - News


Image Credit: stevepb / Pixabay/ is in the public domain

Plan a menu for the week using foods that you have on hand. This cuts down on food waste and saves money. Make a grocery list for those items you need. Below are a few items that may be “wants” instead of “needs.” Add only “needs” to your grocery list for one week and see how much money you save! Here are a few tips to get you started.

Fruit drinks, soda, ice tea and bottle water, all cost money. Tap water is free. Use a reusable water bottle to have water with you on the go.

Salty snacks and cookies cost money as well. Save calories, skip the commercial snack foods. Make your own cookies or snack cakes. Use oatmeal and less salt to boost the nutritional value.

Choose the checkout lane without the candy. Impulse buys boost the spending and destroys the food budget.

For more ideas on how you can slash your food bill, visit the USDA site Choose My Plate. They have tips for every aisle.