First Berks County Master Watershed Steward Class Graduates

The first group of Master Watershed Steward volunteers has completed the training portion of the program.
First Berks County Master Watershed Steward Class Graduates - News


Berks County Master Watershed Class. Photo: Karin Wulkowicz, Penn State Master Watershed Stewards

These newly-minted citizen scientists will provide 50 hours of volunteer service to the Berks County community this first year and 20 hours every additional year to be considered Master Watershed Stewards.

The Master Watershed Steward program is a collaborative effort of Penn State Extension, Berks Nature and the Berks County Conservation District. Master Watershed Stewards are available to teach educational programs, organize stream cleanups, perform water quality testing, assist with stream restoration projects, work with municipalities on stormwater management, and other water-related events.

If you are interested in having Berks County Master Watershed Stewards provide conservation outreach for your group or project, please contact Karin Wulkowicz, Berks County Master Watershed Steward Coordinator, at Penn State Extension, 1238 County Welfare Rd., Leesport, PA 19533, call 610-378-1327, or email

The Penn State Master Watershed Steward program was established to educate and empower volunteers to protect environmental resources. The program provides interested individuals with extensive training in watershed management and natural resources. In return for the training, participants dedicate volunteer time to educate the community about environmental stewardship based on university research and recommendations. Training and volunteer service are coordinated at the county level by extension staff, partners, or trained volunteers.

Visit the Master Watershed Steward Program website for more information.