Field Crops Management at PASA’s 28th Annual Conference

PASA features multiple sessions about field crops at the annual conference in Lancaster, PA.
Field Crops Management at PASA’s 28th Annual Conference - News


PASA's 2019 Sustainable Agriculture Conference features 160+ food and farming workshops and a 90+ vendor trade show.

The Pennsylvania Association for Sustainable Agriculture (PASA) 2019 Sustainable Agriculture Conference offers numerous workshops to explore techniques for producing and marketing sustainable and organic field crops. The conference will be held at the Lancaster County Convention Center on February 6-9 and will feature presentations from Penn State Extension educators and researchers, as well as prominent farmers and ag professionals from across the region.

Highlights for field crop farmers include:

  • Let’s Talk About Marketing Organic Animal Feed, with Kristy Borrelli, Penn State Extension (Thursday, February 7)
  • No Till & Cover Crops Can Benefit All Crops and Management Systems, with Jim Hershey, Hershey Farms LLC & Leroy Bupp, Bupplyn Farm (Thursday, February 7)
  • Reduced Tillage Toolbox for Organic Grain Production, with John Wallace, Ron Hoover, and Mary Barbercheck, Penn State University (Friday, February 8) **Note: Date changed
  • Soil Health Case Studies: Real Farms, Real Problems, Real Solutions, with Franklin Egan, PASA, Bob Schindelbeck, Cornell Soil Health Lab, and Tom Paduano, Flying Plow Farm (Thursday, February 7)
  • Troubleshoot Your Soil Tests, with Bob Schindelbeck, Cornell Soil Health Lab (Thursday, February 7)
  • Soil Health & Climate Change: An Opportunity for Agriculture? with Eric Sauder, Team Ag (Friday, February 8)
  • Transitioning to Organic: Making the Production Leap, with Christie Badger, consultant, Liz Bosak, Penn State Extension, and Heather Donald, PCO (Friday, February 8).

The PASA Conference draws thousands of people from all sectors of the food system for four days of intensive learning and engagement on a wide range of food and farming topics. The conference features presentations and discussions, great meals, an expansive tradeshow, and kids programming for families attending the conference. The full conference schedule and registration can be found on PASA's 2019 Sustainable Agriculture Conference page, or call 814-349-9856, ext 700. Half day, full day, and multi-day registrations are available.