Federal Renewable Fuel Standard Targets for Biofuels

The US Federal Government has set ambitious targets for biofuel production aimed to push America towards greater sustainability and energy security.
Federal Renewable Fuel Standard Targets for Biofuels - Articles


The Energy Independence and Security Act of 2007 prescribes that, by 2022, the United States needs to generate and use a minimum of 36 billion gallons of renewable bio-based fuel per year.

This is an almost 10-fold increase over the 2006 target of 4.0 billion gallons, and will require a significant expansion of the biofuel industry throughout the nation.

In addition, the law prescribes that, starting in 2009, an increasing fraction of the biofuel will need to be from "advanced forms" of biofuel, such as those that do not impact the food supply.

This could include sources such as cellulosic biofuel and algal biodiesel. Scientists at Penn State are working towards these goals by developing new and innovative methods for generating biofuels that will soon be available for commercial use in the state of Pennsylvania.