Farm Family Emergency Response Training

This program will lead participants through various scenarios that will force them to think about typical injury incidents and make proper decisions.
Farm Family Emergency Response Training - Articles


Would you know what to do if you were the first to discover an injury to a family member? Are you knowledgeable in agriculture as well as rescue? You may be the one to help deliver this program in your community.

Program Goals

The Farm Family Emergency Response Program is developing and delivering programs to the agricultural community that will:

  • Help those individuals that are first to arrive on the scene of a farm emergency acknowledge the various hazards that may be present and determine their level of risk to those hazards.
  • Help participants understand which actions may lead to better outcomes for someone that has been injured on the farm.
  • Teach participants important considerations to include when calling for help of a farm related emergency.
  • Discuss activities that can be done on the farm to either limit the likelihood of having a specific farm injury emergency or at least prepare for better managing a farm injury emergency.

Available Modules

Farm Family Emergency Response strives to prevent emergency incidents from occurring. Each module ends with discussion on various Prevention Strategies. These are intended to be implemented on the farm as part of the overall farm safety effort.

Farm Family Emergency Response is intended for all farm groups, including farm managers, employees, spouses and 4-h and FFA groups

Participation as a family or as a farm work group is encouraged

The following twelve individual modules cover specific topics that are leading causes of farm injury or death.

  • Tractor Overturns
  • PTO Entanglements
  • Machinery Entanglements
  • Grain Bin Emergencies
  • Silo Emergencies
  • Manure Storage Emergencies
  • Chemical Emergencies
  • Electrical Emergencies
  • Logging Emergencies
  • Skid Steer Emergencies
  • Livestock Emergencies
  • Post Hole Digger Emergencies
  • Reporting Emergencies