Farm Family Emergency Response Program

Aligns with the following AFNR standard(s): AS.02, CS.03, ESS.01, PS.03 & PST.02. The Farm Family Emergency Response Program prepares the agricultural community to manage a farm emergency.
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SAY Clearinghouse: Aligns with AFRN AS.02, CS.03, ESS.01, PS.03 and PST.02.

The Farm Family Emergency Response Program by Penn State University is developing and delivering programs to the agricultural community that will 1) help those individuals that are first to arrive on the scene of a farm emergency, 2) help participants understand which actions may lead to better outcomes for someone that has been injured on the farm, 3) teach participants important considerations to include when calling for help, and 4) discuss activities that can be done on the farm to either limit the likelihood of having a specific farm injury emergency or at least prepare for better managing a farm injury emergency.

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AFNR Alignment

Level of alignment to standard shown by 'X'. No 'X' indicates no alignment.

AFNR Element HighMediumLow
AS.02: Animal Systems Career PathwayX
CS.03: AFNR Cluster Skills (foundational safety related technical knowledge and skills)X
ESS.01: Environmental Service Systems Career PathwayX
ESS.05: Environmental Service Systems Career Pathway
PS.03: Plant Systems Career PathwayX
PST.02: Power, Structural and Technical Systems Career PathwayX