Farm Confined Space Emergencies Awareness

Farm confined space emergencies that emergency responders may encounter while arriving at the scene of an agricultural emergency.
Farm Confined Space Emergencies Awareness - Articles


Program Description and needs

This training is designed to teach emergency responders how to recognize and initially manage (size-up) various farm confined space emergencies that they may encounter while arriving at the scene of an agricultural emergency and how to effectively preplan for farm confined space emergencies in their communities. Participants will learn to apply OSHA Confined Space Standards to various farm confined space scenarios. This training will teach responders how to efficiently manage farm confined space emergencies following OSHA 29
CFR 1910.146 standards at the Awareness level.

Intended audience

emergency responders (fire, rescue, EMS).


You must be a member or employee in good standing of a first response
agency or organization (fire, EMS, law enforcement, agriculture, CART, etc.) and have completed the basic training of that agency or organization in accordance with the AHJ. At a minimum:

  • IS-100.a: Introduction to the Incident Command System,
  • IS-700.a: National Incident Management System (NIMS), and
  • Agricultural Emergencies Awareness.

PPE required

Standard emergency service duty uniform. Helmet, gloves, safety glasses, sturdy footware.


8 hours of contact time consisting of 2 hours of classroom lecture/ discussion; and 6 hours of individual and group hands-on activities. Active participation is required. Contact time does NOT include class breaks or travel time.


Min. of 15/Max. of 30.

Local resources needed

farm to tour with as many of the following confined spaces as possible:

  • an oxygen limiting (must have) silo
  • convention silo (must have)
  • a grain bin
  • a manure storage pit
  • a bulk milk tank
  • well or septic tank
  • manure transfer pit
  • 4 gas meter capable of measuring oxygen, LEL, and H2S
  • Thermal imaging camera
  • Aerial capable of reaching top of oxygen limiting silo

Con/Ed and certification

PA DOH has awarded 8 hours. All PAgricultural Rescue training courses are objective based. All participants successfully completing the training will receive a course completion certificate.