Farm/Agriculture/Rural Management Hazard Analysis Tool (FARM-HAT)

A simple method of providing first-hand information about hazards, a process for evaluating hazards, and recommendations on correcting hazards.
Farm/Agriculture/Rural Management Hazard Analysis Tool (FARM-HAT) - Downloadable
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FARM-HAT can be used with farming, ranching, roadside farm markets, agritourism farms, and other similar operations. The evaluation system provides users with critical safety and health information using minimal text.

Each hazard analysis tool is two pages. The first page includes photos and images that clearly depict the level of hazard in a Most Protection to Least Protection assessment, along with simple word descriptions that enable the user to simplify the evaluation process.The Most Protection to Least Protection assessment refers to most protection against a worksite hazard, condition, or risk to least protection against that same hazard. Least Protection usually means that there was no protection against the recognized hazard present at the time of the audit. The evaluation is always displayed as five levels since hazards, conditions, or risks are never found in a yes or no, or a present or not present, status. A good example of this would be to compare the protection from the tractor overturn hazard that is provided by the various types of rollover protective structures or ROPS.

"Reminder" boxes are used to identify important points and behaviors associated with the hazard and to identify specific Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) to be worn when working around some hazards.

The second page of each hazard analysis tool describes laws, regulations, and standards that may apply. In addition, a section entitled Other is included that covers helpful hints or recommendations for correcting the hazards that may be encountered.


  • FARM-HAT Allows users to select categories and topics at their leisure and to conduct hazard audits in a timely and organized fashion in a non-threatening environment.
  • Guides users toward a reduction in number and degree of hazards and risk.
  • Facilitates an easy-to-use standardized auditing process that adds objectivity to hazard evaluations.
  • Serves as a training tool for educators working with youth and other groups.
  • Teaches how to conduct hazard audits.
  • Provides insurers an objective method for evaluating risks and hazards at diverse farming operations.

Farmers, insurers, educators, and other website visitors can select from over 150 topics including, machinery and equipment, buildings and facilities, and livestock handling hazards. These are found in alphabetical order by category, then by related topics once the category has been selected. For example, if you are interested in farm tractor hazards, you will select the Tractor category and a listing of topics will be displayed.

This program was developed with partial funding from the Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture and The National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health.


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