Fall Veggies - Buy Now for the Best Value

Fall veggies are here! Broccoli and cauliflower may be familiar to you, but don’t forget about cabbage and Brussels sprouts.
Fall Veggies - Buy Now for the Best Value - News


Image Credit: evitaochel / Pixabay

All four are in season and available at a good price. These veggies are part of the cruciferous family. They get their name because the flowers on these plants have four petals that look like a cross, or crucifix. They are high in fiber and low in calories, just 10-20 calories per ½ cup serving.

Recently you may have heard words like “phytochemicals or antioxidants”—what are they? They are plant compounds that affect health in a positive way. Cruciferous vegetables contain the protective phytochemical sulforaphane. This may help to remove harmful or toxic substances from the body and protect against cancer.

You might purchase broccoli and cauliflower often, but are cabbage and Brussels sprouts on your weekly vegetable grocery list? While broccoli and cauliflower only keep for about a week in the refrigerator, cabbage and Brussels sprouts can last up to 2 weeks refrigerated in a plastic bag.

Here are the top two ways to use cabbage and Brussels sprouts from the Produce for Better Health Foundation:

  1. Add to a stir fry. Slice Brussels sprouts in half and slice cabbage into thin wedges.
  2. Add steamed Brussels sprouts to your favorite pasta, or toss thinly sliced cabbage into your favorite pasta sauce.

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