Extension Plant Pathologist Joins Penn State

Paul Esker, Extension Field Crops Plant Pathologist brings his expertise in field crop diseases in support of county educators and local producers across Pennsylvania.
Extension Plant Pathologist Joins Penn State - News


Penn State's production agriculture community welcomes Dr. Paul Esker, who was appointed to the Penn State Department of Plant Pathology and Environmental Microbiology, as a Plant Disease Epidemiologist and Pennsylvania Field Crops Extension Plant Pathologist. Dr. Esker previously spent the past five years at the University of Costa Rica, where he was an Epidemiologist and Statistician in the School of Agronomy, as well as spending two years as Director of the Seed and Grain Research Center. Prior to that position, Dr. Esker was an Extension Plant Pathologist at the University of Wisconsin, with responsibilities for diseases of field crops, small grains and forages.

Paul possesses a Bachelor of Science in Genetics and Bacteriology from the University of Wisconsin-Madison, a Master of Science in Plant Pathology from Iowa State University and a PhD in Plant Pathology and Statistics from Iowa State University.

Dr. Esker has conducted a wide-ranging research and extension program focused on the use of decision theory methods and how they apply for grower decisions related to the economic use of different disease management tactics like fungicides and resistance, global crop loss assessment and modeling, food security and insecurity, as well as the integration of different statistical methods for the agricultural sciences. He is looking forward to working at Penn State University and with the producers of Pennsylvania to achieve their goals related to field crop, small grain and forage production that optimizes profitability and sustainability.

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Esker Lab

Dr. Paul Esker
219 Buckhout Lab (office)
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Work Phone: 814-865-0680