Exacum Diseases

Informational table showing disease name, symptoms, pathogen/cause, and management of Exacum diseases.
Exacum Diseases - Articles


Basal Stem Rot and Branch BlightAt high temperatures, wounded stems are killed quickly.Nectria haematoccaMaintain moderate temperatures. Avoid wounding plants.
Botrytis BlightStems of established plants rot at the soil line. This may occur just as plants flower, killing the entire plant.Botrytis cinereaHeat and ventilate to maintain low humidity. Remove dead and dying tissue from the greenhouse. Apply a fungicide to protect plants.
Pythium Root RotPlants wilt, collapse and die. Roots appear water-soaked, limp, and brown.PythiumUse pasteurized potting soil. Discard infected plants.

Prepared by Gary W. Moorman, Professor of Plant Pathology