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Updated: March 29, 2018

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Week 4 Newsletter

Dear Everybody Walk Participant Week 4,

Each week you can find all of the team miles and comments at this site. They will be posted by Wednesday at 4:00PM starting this week. Everybody Walk PA miles and Comments . It will be no surprise to know that most of the comments from last week were about the third winter we have been experiencing here in PA! But that seems to have changed and we hope you were able to enjoy the sunshine this past weekend. Lawn mowing season is about to begin!!

I would like to give a shout out to the teams we have joining us from Alaska!! What fun is that?! They are groups of weavers and spinners and are excited to learn about Pennsylvania where we also have a rich history and active groups carrying on this tradition. They may even be traveling to one of our fiber events!

Team Captain News

Here is the link to put in the team captain & team name and miles. Please report by Tuesday at 1:00PM each week. www.surveymonkey.com/r/weeklymilesreport You only need to report miles for the current week, UNLESS you did not report for prior weeks, in which case, scroll down and fill in for those weeks also.

Stay Motivated

“Excuses don’t get Results.” –Author unknown Excuses are easy to make when it comes to something like physical activity. In the winter, it could be “it is too cold to walk outside.” In the summer, it could be “it is too hot to walk outside.” There is not enough time, I am too busy, the weather does not work, etc. etc. Excuses are easy to make, but stepping a foot out the door can be easy as well.

Eat the Rainbow - Green

Green fruits and vegetables contain a special compound called chlorophyll which lends them their green hue, which also has positive effects on human cardiovascular, neural, and muscular health. Beyond that, they are host to a wide range of vitamins, minerals, and nutrients like fiber, which can aid in weight loss by imparting a feeling of fullness without adding many calories to the diet, and assist in healthier digestion by fighting constipation. Dark, leafy greens are also rich in calcium and Vitamin K, which can help to support the health of teeth and bones. There are so many green fruits and vegetables to try! Beyond popular choices like spinach, kiwi fruit, zucchini, avocados, green grapes, broccoli, celery, green beans, peas, green apples, and pears, there are artichokes, baby bok choy, swiss chard, and edamame. Try subbing fresh-made (or minimally-processed guacamole) in for dip at your next party (or just as a simple snack with fresh vegetables), or grating in some fresh zucchini to your pasta sauce on your next spaghetti night. There are a million and one ways to “get your greens,” but one of the most creative might be to add them to a green smoothie! Check out the following video from Mississippi State Extension on how to blend spinach, fruit juice, and ice into a creamy and delicious treat that may look a bit “unique,” but tastes great: Green Smoothie Video

Door Prize

Congratulations to Amanda who won the door prize this week. We’ll send you a Leslie Sansone Walk Indoors DVD and a code to be used to enroll for free in any of these on line workshops: Totally Veggies, Mediterranean Cuisine Comes to You, Dining with Diabetes, or Nutrition 101. You can check out all of these courses at: Penn State Extension Nutrition Diet and Health Courses

Counties of PA

1. This county is known as the home of 84 Lumber with stores found all over the state. The county is home to Meadowland Horse Racing and Washington & Jefferson College, which is named after the former Presidents of the United States.

2. This small rural county in northwest Pennsylvania is home to Clarion University of Pennsylvania. Chris Kirkpatrick, of the famous pop band N’Sync, hails from this county. ALF (Autumn Leaf Festival) serves as a community event in addition to the homecoming event for Clarion University. The population of this county doubles in size this week as it is publicized as the “Autumn Leaf Capital of the World.” The county is also home to the Peanut Butter Festival that celebrates peanut butter in honor of J.M. Smuckers Peanut Butter Factory in New Bethlehem

3. This county in the rural northwest of the Commonwealth was founded in 1804 and was named in honor of a former Pennsylvania Governor and Declaration of Independence signer. The county is known for the Civil War Bucktails, Kinzua Bridge State Park, the “Black Cherry Capital of the World” (Kane), and the Allegheny National Forest. A portion of the movie “Unstoppable,” was filmed in this county. It is also home to Wooly Willy toys and Zippo lighters. Smethport serves as the county seat

4. As the largest northwestern Pennsylvania county, it is known as the “Coal Region”. Wilkes-Barre serves as the county seat and is home to Planters Peanut Company and the Wilkes-Barre/Scranton Penguins, an affiliate of the Pittsburgh Penguins. The Battle of Wyoming and the Knox Mine Disaster occurred in this huge mining county, which produced over half the anthracite coal in the Commonwealth.

5. This county formed in 1842 from part of Lycoming County. The county is home to Keystone College and Skyhaven Airport. The county seat is Tunkhannock. Agriculture makes a strong contribution to the area’s economy and lush farmland can be seen for miles and miles in many parts of the county.

6. This county’s major industries are tourism and agriculture, due in large part to the Gettysburg National Military Park, as well as the esteemed fruit belt which runs through the county. The county was named in honor of the second President of the United States.

7. This county is well known for its unmistakable Pennsylvania German language and culture, agricultural heritage, as well as its fraktur, Kentucky rifles, wood products industries, Middleswarth Potato Chip Factory, and the annual fairs, festivals, and auctions that keep the local heritage alive. The county is home to Susquehanna University.

1.Washington, 2.Clarion, 3.McKean, 4.Luzerne 5. Wyoming, 6.Adams, 7.Snyder

Week 3 Newsletter

Dear Everybody Walk Participant Week 3,

I hope you are able to get out and enjoy some of the nice weather we are finally having. Each week you can find all of the team miles and comments on this Everybody Walk PA mileage page . We will work to have them up by Wednesday late afternoon, but due to schedules and staffing, for this week it will be Thursday late afternoon.

Team Captain News

Please put in the team captain and team name and weekly totals in the online form. Please report by Tuesday at 1:00PM each week. We’ll post the results on the website by Wednesday afternoon.You only need to report miles for the current week, UNLESS you did not report for prior weeks, in which case, scroll down and fill in for those weeks also.

Stay Motivated

“Success is not final. Failure is not fatal. It is the courage to continue that counts.” – Winston Churchill This is a great quote to be mindful of because our success in something is not final because we will start working towards something else. In addition, if we fail at something, it is not fatal and everything will go on. Continuing thru both of these is what really counts and learning from our experiences is the important thing.

Eat the Rainbow - Yellow

Like their orange counterparts, yellow fruits and vegetables share many of the same vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants (such as Vitamin C and potassium) that boost everything from immunity and collagen production to eye health. However, they should also be included in your diet on a routine basis for their vibrancy and individual health benefits - not to mention their sunshiny color that brightens up any plate! Try rotating common favorites like lemons, yellow bell peppers, pineapple, corn, and yellow squash with less common items like golden beets, acorn squash, starfruit, yellow carrots, pummelos, or fresh ginger root. Curious about how to work in some of that beautiful golden-colored squash into your diet? Take a look at this easy recipe to incorporate acorn squash onto your holiday (or every day!) table: Winter Squash Recipe . Also, read up on the potent health benefits of fresh ginger root and see how to combine it with collard greens for a true nutritional powerhouse of a dish: The Zing of Ginger Root 

Door Prize

Congratulations to Christine who won the door prize this week. We’ll send you a Leslie Sansone Walk Indoors DVD and a code to be used to enroll for free in any of these on line workshops: Totally Veggies, Mediterranean Cuisine Comes to You, Dining with Diabetes, or Nutrition 101. You can check out all of these courses at: Penn State Extension Nutrition Diet and Health Courses

Counties of PA

  1. Created in 1849, from parts of Beaver and Mercer counties, this county was named after the USS Lawrence, Oliver Hazard Perry's original flagship at the Battle of Lake Erie during the War of 1812. This county is home to Westminster College. It is home to many parks, including Cascade Park, housed in the county seat of New Castle.
  2. This county is home to Parker City nicknamed the “Smallest City in the U.S.A”. The county is also known for Crooked Creek Lake Recreational Park and Horse Park, the Crooked Creek Environmental Learning Center, the Kittanning Riverfront Park, and the Dayton Fairgrounds.
  3. This county claims more than 300,000 acres of State Forest Land. The county seat of Lock Haven takes its name from the Pennsylvania Canal that once carried goods through the area. Canal boats crossed the West Branch of the Susquehanna River at Lock Haven, going from one canal lock to another; and a dam on the river created a "haven" where boats could navigate the waters. The county is the home of Lock Haven University and Woolrich, the original outdoor clothing company.
  4. Named after Charles Sullivan, leader of the Pennsylvania Senate, this county was formed in 1847. This entirely rural community in north central Pennsylvania's mountain region, is known as “The Gem of Endless Mountains”. The county seat is Laporte.
  5. This county is unique for having no parking meters. It is home to The Rockville Bridge, the largest stone arch train bridge in the world, and Box Huckleberry, a plant of pre-glacial period origin which exists in only a few places in the world. The county is also home of the “Lightening Glider” sled, 14 covered bridges, and 24 mills.
  6. This county was created in 1836 from parts of Northampton and Pike counties and was named after the fifth President of the United States. It is known as the “Honeymoon Capital of the World” and is home to a NASCAR and INDY Race Track – Pocono Raceway. The county has 3 state parks, Big Pocono, Gouldsboro and Tobyhanna, and is home to a bulk of the Delaware Water Gap National Recreation Area.
  7. This county formed in 1787 from part of Bedford County and is home to Juniata College and beautiful Raystown Lake. Several past presidents, including Jimmy Carter, have visited the favored trout-fishing hole in Spruce Creek. Herbie, the famous car form the 1969 movie “The Love Bug” is on display at the Swigart Museum.
  8. This small rural county in northwest Pennsylvania is home of the Emlenton Bridge on Interstate 80 between Exits 42 and 45, which remains the highest in the state of Pennsylvania and has a free span of 1,668 feet over the Allegheny River. Due to the bridge’s size it covers 3 different counties. The county is home to the oil industry boom in the mid 1800’s and has a rich history in natural resources, especially oil. Both Quaker State Oil and Pennzoil Oil companies were founded in this county.

1.Lawrence, 2.Armstrong, 3.Clinton, 4.Sullivan, 5.Perry, 6.Monroe, 7.Huntingdon, 8.Venango

Week 2 Newsletter

Dear Everybody Walk Participant Week 2,

First things first…As more than a few of you point out last week, there was an error in the county answers. What was listed with Pike as the answer should have been Mercer. Thank you for your feedback and I am more than a little impressed with how many of you read through and caught the mistake!!

Team Captain News

Here is the link to put in the team captain and team name. Please report by Tuesday at 1:00PM each week. We’ll post the results on the website by Wednesday afternoon.

Remember: If you have multiple teams from your company/organization when reporting your miles, put the same prefix for all teams so they can easily be grouped together in the mileage reports. Example - WYEXT Forced Marchers; WYEXT Happy Hikers; WYEXT Wyoming Walkers. We are also asking this week how your team got its name. This is always so much fun to read! We have a few workplaces that have a multiple teams and some friendly competition going on. That’s great news and can get everyone moving more. Please be sure you understand how your company is using this program. This is the link with suggestions for sites managing multiple teams , if you would like additional information.

Stay Motivated

“Don’t stop until you’re proud.” – unknown author How exciting is it when you reach a goal? That is motivation in itself and a great feeling of accomplishment. What would you like to accomplish over the next few weeks?! Write down what you would like to accomplish and post it somewhere you see it to keep you motivated.

Eat the Rainbow - Orange

Exploring Nutrition Through Color

Orange fruits and vegetables hold a powerhouse of vitamins and nutrients like vitamin C, but many also contain a specific pigment called beta carotene, which lends them their vibrant hue. Beta carotene is converted to vitamin A in our bodies, and has protective effects against cancer and cardiovascular disease, improves immunity, and (you guessed it!) ocular health as well. Just think - when you were young and your mother told you to eat your carrots because they were good for your vision, she was absolutely right!

However, it’s important to note that with orange fruits and vegetables, that it is possible to have too much of a good thing… a condition called carotenemia can occur when excess beta carotene is present in the body, which will tint the skin and nails yellowish-orange as a result. This will only happen if there is a large amount ingested (about 2 lbs. or more of carrots a day for an average adult or large quantities of juiced orange fruits/vegetables). This condition is harmless and reversible over time. So, to avoid looking like you had a run-in with a bad spray-on tan, remember to eat a varied diet with moderate portions of many kinds of fruits and veggies, not just orange ones!

Try alternating sweet potatoes, papaya, carrots, butternut squash, pumpkin, oranges, cantaloupe, orange bell peppers, apricots, and golden beets into your meal routine! If you’re looking for a great recipe that uses bright orange produce as an inspiration, click the link below for a recipe for Skillet Sweet Potatoes with Orange Juice , a delicious (and easy) addition to any weeknight supper.

Door Prize

Congratulations to Katharyn of Lewisburg who won the first week’s prize. We’ll send you a Leslie Sansone Walk Indoors DVD and a code to be used to enroll for free in any of these on line workshops: Totally Veggies, Mediterranean Cuisine Comes to You, Dining with Diabetes, or Nutrition 101. You can check out all of these courses at: Penn State Extension Nutrition Diet and Health Courses

Counties of PA

  1. Formed in 1800 and named after Colonel William Crawford, this north western Pennsylvania county is shaped in the form of a rectangle. The county is home to Allegheny College and actress, Sharon Stone. The “hookless fastener” or zipper was perfected and manufactured here and the sixth oldest wooden rollercoaster, The Blue Streak, can be found at Conneaut Lake Park. In 1859, the first successful oil well, Drake Well, was drilled in Titusville. The county seat is Meadville.
  2. This county is home of the Ridgway Chainsaw Carvers Rendezvous. Chainsaw carvers from around the world visit Ridgway at the end of February each year to share their talent and display their amazing work. In Benezette, you can see Pennsylvania's largest elk herd and learn all about their history in Pennsylvania.
  3. This county established in 1749 is in a large fertile agricultural region of the Susquehanna Region located in south central Pennsylvania. The county is known as the “Snack Capital of the World,” as home to Utz Quality Foods & Snyder’s of Hanover. The county is also called the “Factory Capital of the World.” The county is home of the famed “Shoe House,” Indian Steps Museum, Harley Davidson Factory & Museum, Wolfgang’s Candy Factory, York Barbell, and the Wrightsville Museum, which houses the information about the famous ‘Burning of the Bridge’ to keep confederate soldiers from crossing the Susquehanna during the civil war. This county was the first Capital of the United States and where Congress adopted the Articles of Confederation. The oldest agricultural fair in the United States, first held in 1765, calls this county home.
  4. This county is known as the “Weather Capitol of the World” thanks to the prediction each February 2nd from Punxsutawney Phil. Created in 1804, this county was named for Thomas Jefferson, who was President of the United States, and was built upon the timber industry. Brookville, named for the numerous brooks and streams in the vicinity, was chosen as the county seat and has been a recipient of the prettiest downtown. Brookville Equipment Company is a major employer and provides mining equipment worldwide.
  5. Nicknamed the “Roof Garden of Pennsylvania” and the land flowing with “Milk & Honey,” this county is home to Mt. Davis, which is the highest peak in Pennsylvania at 3,213 feet. Visitors from all over the country stop to see the Flight 93 Memorial and 9 for 9 Miners Memorial, as well as Hidden Valley & Seven Springs Resorts.
  6. This county in the Northeast corner of Pennsylvania was formed in 1798 and named for the Revolutionary War General, Anthony Wayne. The county is nestled within the Pocono Mountains, and Lake Wallenpaupack is a popular vacation spot. The county seat is Honesdale.
  7. Thomas Edison installed the first successful 3-wire electric lighting system in 1883 in the county seat of Sunbury in what is now called the “Edison Hotel”. Additionally, St. Edward’s Catholic Church in Shamokin was the first church in the world to have electric lighting, installed by Edison himself. This county is home to Joseph Priestly, a famous chemist who discovered several gases, most notably oxygen, and invented soda water. Knoebel’s Amusement Resort, the world’s largest free-admission amusement park has been open here since 1926.
  8. With a population of 88,000, this county is known as the “Christmas Tree Capital of the World”. The county is the birthplace of actor Jimmy Stewart, with a statue of him at courthouse and a museum in his honor. The Amish population at Smicksburg is a popular tourist area with many specialty shops. The county is home of Indiana University of Pennsylvania and the Kovalchik Athletic and Convention Center. The county offers 64 miles of Rails to Trails, 4 covered bridges, & 24 sites that are on National Register of Historic Places. Blairsville was home to Underground Railroad activity during the Civil War.

1. Crawford, 2. Elk, 3. York, 4. Jefferson, 5. Somerset, 6. Wayne, 7. Northumberland, 8.Indiana

Week 1 Newsletter

Hello Everybody Walk Across PA Participants,

We are so excited to begin eight weeks of walking while working to develop healthier habits. Not to mention learning about the counties of PA! This first e-mail is a little long as it contains some important details. Please read through it. Everyone will start tracking their miles today, April 2nd and report to their Team Captain Monday, April 9th. Let your Team Captain know how many miles you walked no later than noon on Monday.

You can find all of the program information including exercise equivalents and the tracking forms at this site: Everybody Walk PA 2018 Program Information . The general goal is for everyone to try for at least 10 miles per week. Some will do much more; some will not get to 10 miles. There is no competition from us in this program. Everyone is encouraged to do their best.

Remember, we are counting purposeful walking/exercise, not the number of steps in an average day.

Team Captain News

There will be a link in this section every week which the Team Captain will use every week to report team miles. It will be sent in every e-mail. Next week when you report, we’ll get the Team Names & Team Captain Names along with your first week miles. We’ll also be asking you how your team got your name. The Captain’s Log, used to track team miles, is available at the printable forms on the web site program website above and is also attached. Please report by Tuesday at 1:00PM each week. We’ll post the results by county on the website by Wednesday afternoon. Tips to count your miles: There are many ways to know how far you’ve walked, especially with all of the technology available.

Many people use “Map My Walk” to measure their distance, speed, and even as a training program. This site is where people have uploaded their walks with the mileage details. If you find yourself in another town or city and are looking for a walking route, this could be a great source. If you are counting steps with a fitness tracker, there are about 2000 steps in a mile, but remember for this program to only count the walking done as exercise. Another way to find mileage on a route is to drive it, if you can, to measure. It that is not possible, walk what you know to be a mile or even ½ mile and time yourself. If it takes you 25 minutes to walk a mile, then you can use time to estimate your overall mileage on any given walk.

Stay Motivated

It is 2018! Make this year your year! We often set new goals when the New Year starts. If you set your New Year goals, are you still on track with them? If not, this program will be a great jump-start to get back into the swing of things on your way to your goals! When you make a goal, make sure they are SMART goals. SMART stands for specific, measurable, achievable, relevant, and timely.

Eat the rainbow - red

Exploring Nutrition Through Color Most of us have heard that we should “eat a rainbow” of different colors when it comes to selecting fruits and vegetables for a healthy diet. But what does that mean, exactly? What do different color groups hold in regard to nutrients, flavor, and health benefits? Each week, Everybody Walk PA! will feature a different color of the rainbow to explain the various nutritional benefits of the fruits and vegetables in that group, as well as a link to additional articles or information to explore. Feel free to color in your counties each week with the corresponding shade to see a beautiful Pennsylvania rainbow blossom by the end of the program! Red fruits and vegetables play a vital role in human health. They are packed with vitamins, nutrients, and antioxidants that do everything from fight heart disease and cancer to reduce risk factors for stroke and macular degeneration.

Try to include items from across the color spectrum, from deep ruby to light pink, as each product will include its own unique nutrient profile. Think of sampling cherries, raspberries, beets, red cabbage, strawberries, watermelon, red peppers, cranberries, chilies, pomegranates, red-skinned potatoes, apples, and tomatoes, just to name a few! Speaking of the latter, did you know that tomatoes are technically a fruit? Regardless of whether you personally feel they belong in the vegetable or fruit group, these little red gems are nutritional powerhouses, containing ample quantities of vitamins A and C, potassium, vitamin B6, folate, and thiamin. However, they have received a great deal of attention in recent years for containing a special antioxidant called lycopene, which has been shown to reduce the risk of heart disease and cancer (especially of the prostate and breast) in humans. Cooking/applying heat will actually increase the bioavailability of lycopene, so be sure to enjoy your tomatoes a variety of ways – whether raw in salads or gazpacho, or cooked into marinara sauce, soups, or stews. If you’re wondering how to store a large yield from your garden, Penn State Extension has information on how to can and preserve tomatoes to ensure a year-round healthy and delicious supply in your kitchen.

Door Prize

Each week we’ll choose a random participant to receive a Leslie Sansone Walk Indoors DVD and a code to be used to enroll for free in any of these on line workshops: Totally Veggies, Mediterranean Cuisine Comes to You, Dining with Diabetes, or Nutrition 101. You can check out all of these courses at: Penn State Extension Nutrition Diet and Health Courses

Counties of Pennsylvania

This section will be a bit long, but you and your team members can be learn about and enjoy the sixty-seven counties of Pennsylvania. We’ll learn about their history while trying to guess the county based on its fun description. Answers are at the end. We’ll do eight per week. You can also color them in along the way using the attached map. We’ll be using our Eat the Rainbow color of the week so for this week it’s Red!

  1. This county is home to the Pennsylvania State Ship (U.S. Brig Niagara), and GE Transportation’s World Headquarters, which is also the county’s largest employer. Attractions include Presque Isle State Park, Presque Isle Bay, and several award-winning wineries.
  2. Located in the southwestern corner of Pennsylvania, this county is bordered to the south by West Virginia. The Monongahela River borders the county to the east, creating a collection of river towns and communities. Integral elements of the county’s heritage include its seven covered bridges (Carmichaels, Cox Farm, King, Scott, Shriver, White, and Woods), most of which are more than 100 years old. The county is home to a dozen Mail Pouch barns (an early-1900’s advertising campaign for Mail Pouch Tobacco) and a dozen general stores, offering one-stop shopping for residents in the county’s outlying areas. Waynesburg serves as the county seat.
  3. This county was created in 1804, carved out from a northwest section of Lycoming County. It was named to pay tribute to General James Potter, who served with distinction during the Revolutionary War but never set foot in the area. It is known by the name “God’s Country.” The county is known for maple syrup production, potato farming, and is the headwaters of the Allegheny River. The county is home to 5 state parks, the most in any one county.
  4. This county located in south central Pennsylvania was named in honor of founding father Benjamin Franklin. Chambersburg serves as the county seat. The county is home to 3 Pennsylvania State Parks and Wilson College. This county has a large farming population, including Amish & Mennonite, and the largest crop produced is corn.
  5. Although originally formed in 1810 and called Ontario County, this county separated from Lycoming County in 1812 and was renamed. The county was named after chief justice of the Pennsylvania Supreme Court and United States Attorney General, William Bradford. The natural gas industry is a major employer for this county. Towanda serves as the county seat.
  6. With a population of 373,000 people, this county is considered an urban/suburban area, included in the Greater Philadelphia metropolitan statistical area. Unique county landmarks include the Pagoda, which sits atop Mount Penn above the county seat of Reading, and numerous covered bridges. Hex signs are frequently seen on barns dotting the countryside. The county has a significant agricultural industry base which includes production agriculture, green industry and food processing. The county is also home to Cabela’s, World’s Foremost Outfitter.
  7. Hermitage is the largest city in this county. The county is home to Grove City College and was home to the historic Wendall August Forge facility, until it burned down in 2010. The county has one state park, Maurice K. Goddard State Park, named after former Secretary of the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Resources.
  8. This county was created in 1804 and is home to “Happy Valley” and the Pennsylvania State University. The county hosts the famous Grange Encampment Fair each August and the Central Pennsylvania Festival of the Arts. Historic Bellefonte serves as the county seat. The county is also home to Mounty Nittany, Beaver Stadium, Bryce Jordan Center, and Medlar Field, home of the State College Spikes.

Answers: 1. Erie, 2. Greene, 3. Potter, 4. Franklin, 5. Bradford, 6. Berks, 7. Pike, 8. Centre