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Join Penn State Extension in a free virtual walking program exploring the Natural Wonders of Pennsylvania. Walking will be reported April 1 - May 26.
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Register for Everybody Walk Across PA. The deadline to register is Sunday, March 31, 2019.

What is Everybody Walk Across PA?

Join Penn State Extension in a FREE virtual walking program and virtually tour some of Pennsylvania’s Most Spectacular Natural Wonders! Each week we will feature an exciting location to virtually explore.

Everybody Walk Across PA is a great program for worksites, schools, community groups, and any other group. Gather your family, friends, or co-workers to form a team of up to five. Even your dog can be a member of your team!

Each team member will try to average walking or exercising 15 miles per week, for a total of eight weeks. Walk with your team or on your own, at a time and place convenient for you – we will virtually visit a different Spectacular Natural Wonder each week. Individuals with all levels of physical ability are encouraged to participate.

Weekly emails to your team will include the area we “virtually” visited that week, motivators to keep walking, and strategies for eating healthy. Each week, team captains will be required to report the total number of miles walked. The program will run April 1st through May 26. It’s free but registration is required by April 1, 2019. Register at Everybody Walk Across PA.

Contact Karen Bracey at 570-836-3196 or with program questions.

How the Program Works

Everybody Walk Across PA is an eight-week semi-structured walking program to encourage increased physical activity and healthy eating habits.

Form a team of up to five people, choose a team captain and a team name. Everyone on the team must register in order to receive the weekly e-mail newsletter. You will need to know who your team captain is and your team name, but this is not part of registration. During the first week, your team captain will submit this information.

Beginning April 1st, you will start tracking your miles. You will then report your miles to your team captain each week to get your team total. The team captain is in charge of submitting the weekly team miles through the weekly e-mail newsletter. Team captains will need to have regular access to email and internet.

Each week, registered team members will receive an email newsletter with information about areas we "virtually" visited that week. Through web-links, photos, and stories we'll be exploring some of the beautiful and interesting natural wonders across the state of Pennsylvania. Each week the newsletter will also include motivational topics and healthy eating tips, focusing on fruits and vegetables.

The goal is for each person to walk or exercise the equivalent of 15 miles per week during the program. Some will walk more, some will walk less. Walk with your team or on your own at a place and time that is convenient for you. You do not have to walk together, and you can walk anywhere.

Once you register, tracking forms will be available to help you keep track of your millage each week. There is also a exercise conversion chart  to help you convert exercise into miles walked.

If you are a school, workplace, or organization with multiple teams, check out our Workplace, School, and Organization Guide  for more information.

Register at Everybody Walk Across PA

Helpful Guides and Forms

Team Captain Guide  Learn more about the team captain’s roles and responsibilities during the program

Individual Mileage Log 2019  Can be printed off for each participant to complete and track their own miles each week

Captain Log 2019  The Team Captain Log is only for the team captain. They will use this to track each team member’s weekly total and then report the total through the link that will be sent every week

Exercise Conversion Chart . The exercise conversion chart helps participants convert other exercise into miles walked

Workplace, School, and Organization Guide  This guide will help you run the program in your workplace, school, or other organization with multiple teams


Is there a cost for the program?

This is a free program, but registration is required. Registration deadline is April 1st, 2019.

How do we form a team?

Gather up to five family, friends, or co-workers who are interested in developing healthier habits. Choose a team captain (who will need to have e-mail access), pick a team name, and register online. Each person will need to register online.

Choosing a team captain and team name is NOT part of registration. There will be instructions to report this after week one.

We want to run this program in our organization. Do you have any tips?

Many workplaces use the Everybody Walk PA program as part of their wellness plan, or just as a way for everyone to get moving and get together as the weather get nicer. Download our Workplace, School, and Organization Guide  for some tips to help with any organization that has multiple teams.

What does the team captain do?

Each team will need to have a team captain. Each week, members of the team will report their miles to the team captain. The team captain is then in-charge of reporting the total team miles. A link will be emailed to the team captain to submit the total miles each week. Download our Team Captain Guide  for more information.

How do I keep track of my miles?

Download the Individual Mileage Log 2019. Print it out and keep it handy to track your miles. If you cannot print the forms, they may be picked up at your local Extension office.

Do we need to walk as a team?

No. Everyone can walk on their own and at their own time. Of course, if you want to walk as a team, that's great! Either way, just let your team captain know how many miles you walked each week.

Do we walk on the weekly route?

You do not have to walk in any specific area. We highlight beautiful areas in our state so participants can learn about them and take advantage of them if their schedules allow.

I do other exercise. Can I count it as miles?

Yes, there is an Exercise Conversion Chart  that you can download.

I use a fitness tracker. How do I count my steps?

Remember, we are tracking purposeful walking or exercise not activity that is part of your regular day - such as steps walked while at work. If you use a fitness tracker, you can use it to calculate your walking. Note the number of steps taken on your walk and divide that by 2,000 to get the number of miles (there are approximately 2,000 steps in a mile.) Please report in miles.

What if our team does not walk 75 miles in a week?

The goal of this program is for every participant to try to walk at least 15 miles per week. Some will do much more than that and others will struggle to get close to that. Do your best, report what you walk, and keep working to improve. This is not a contest and there is no minimum requirement.

Will I be getting emails?

Yes, all registered participants with email addresses will receive a weekly newsletter. The newsletter includes where we “virtually” visited that week, motivators to keep walking, and strategies for eating healthy. The newsletter will also include the links to other resources, comments from participants, and weekly prize winners.

A team member does not have computer access. What do we do?

If a member does not have computer access, they will still be able to report their miles to the team captain. The team captain must have computer access in order to submit the total miles walked.

Another team member may choose to show them the online information or print it out for them as appropriate. They may also visit their local Extension office to have any of the information printed out.

Can we have less than 5 people for our team?

If you have less than 5 people on your team, average the miles walked by your team members for the week. Use that average to fill in your empty spot and then report your total. It will then be as if you had 5 members on your team.

Can we have more than 5 people for our team?

You may want to have two teams and follow the above instructions for teams less than five, or you could try to recruit a few more members. If you do have more than 5 people on your team, average the additional members and use that number for one spot.

Will there be prizes for the most miles walked?

This is not a competitive event. Everyone is starting at a different place with their abilities and this program is meant for people to improve upon their own efforts. Team's actual miles walked will be provided by county each week. You can certainly have some friendly competition at your work site or with other teams.

Will there be T-shirts available?

We will not have T-shirts available. If you would like to promote team spirit, there are many outlets where you can have small numbers of shirts printed for your team members. We will provide an Everybody Walk Across PA image if you want to use this for your shirts.

Why is this program important?

Most people know that they should increase their physical activity and develop healthier eating habits. Moderate activity such as walking reduces stress and fatigue and increases mental alertness. It improves cardiovascular functioning and strengthens bones. Combined with healthy eating, it can help to reduce or maintain body weight and decrease incidence of certain chronic diseases.

Most people also struggle with meeting these goals. By providing a program with social support and fun, it can help participants get in the habit of exercising, recognizing the benefits of physical activity, and create healthier eating habits.

I have additional questions. Who can I contact?

For additional program questions, contact Karen Bracey at 570-836-3196 or kbracey@psu.edu.