Evaluation for Blind Spots and Skid Steers

Evaluation Questions
Evaluation for Blind Spots and Skid Steers - Articles


1. What impacts the rear visibility of a person sitting in a tractor cab?

A. Operator's height
B. Whether or not the tractor has a cab
C. Sun/glare
D. If the person is sight-impaired
E. E. All of the above

2. What is the most common type of incident that occurs on the farm related to reduce peripheral vision?

A. Tractor rollover
B. Tractor runover
C. Crush injury
D. Power-take off entanglement

3. What is the normal maximum field of vision for most people?

A. 90 degrees
B. 200 degrees
C. 240 degrees
D. 300 degrees

4. How effective was this demonstration in helping you to understand the existence of blind spots in your peripheral vison?

Not very effective
Somewhat effective
Moderately effective
Very effective
Not sure

5. As a result of this demonstration, how likely are you to look more closely to your surroundings when operating a vehicle or equipment?

Not very likely
Somewhat likely
Moderately likely
Very likely
Not sure