Etiquette is not Passe

Our younger generations are making great career strides, but an area of expertise simply isn’t enough.
Etiquette is not Passe - Articles


If we pay attention to folks at work, often we see that etiquette which reflects civility, the ability to get along with others, good manners, and making others feel comfortable is lost in the shuffle as our world continues to change at a fast pace.

Etiquette is the fruit of manners and deals directly with kindness, consideration, elegance, style and decorum and remains important to career and social success. Largely, most youth consider the rules of behavior and approach as "old school" or "extra." My response is; "Just because its old school does not make it irrelevant" and knowing what to do and how to do it can get you something "extra."

We see people dress to impress and fail to impress in other ways. Lack of professional social skills can impede career advancement because an employee is the reflection of the organization for which they work and their actions can heighten or dim the image of themselves and the organization as well.

One of the classes that I teach is titled Social and Business Etiquette for the New Millennium. The class addresses the basics of being considerate of others. In this class we explore dress and appearance; the workplace versus social situations; business meetings; proper introductions, and "the handshake." We also discuss conversation skills and small talk; cultural differences; dealing with interruptions and look at proper business email and telephone etiquette.

Take Aways

  • Make Positive Impressions - People form first impressions about others within seconds of first meeting them so it is important to make a good first impression.
  • Greetings and Introductions - Business and Social
  • People - How you treat people says a lot about you
  • Communicating - It's sometimes not what you say, but how you say it that counts
  • Technology - Don't do anything on the internet you wouldn't want reported on the evening news
  • Workplace Etiquette -You are at work, not at home
  • Dining - What should I do with all of these utensils, order or say
  • Diversity - Etiquette customs may vary from one culture to another

If working folks, young and older alike, would actively practice the rules, the workplace environment and teamwork process can more productive and pleasant. The "extra" that I mentioned above may be larger numbers on your pay check and length of time employed.

It boils down to treating people with the same respect you expect from others, and knowing what and how to do what.