Environmental Sampling in Meat and Food Processing

In this video you will learn how to conduct microbiological sampling of the processing environment.
Environmental Sampling in Meat and Food Processing - Videos


Sampling the meat & food processing environment for microorganisms is a common way to verify the sanitation of a facility. This video suggests methods to conduct this important verification activity.

Who is this for?

Quality assurance personnel and operators of small meat processing establishments wanting to incorporate environmental sampling as part of HACCP verification.

What will you learn?

How to sampling the food processing environment for microorganisms


Processed Meats Food Safety Thermal Processing & Smoking Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point Systems (HACCP) Food Safety Modernization Act

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Food safety training – HACCP, FSMA Preventive Controls, ServSafe, volunteer organizations, farmers’ markets, etc Control of food spoilage and foodborne pathogens Quality systems – sanitation, allergens, environmental testing, sustainability and auditing Food processing and preservation Food supply chain – supplier control, traceability and recall FSMA - Preventive controls for human food FSMA - Preventive controls for animal feed

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