Engaging Families in Poverty

This workshop focuses on understanding poverty and practical strategies that can improve communication with families living in poverty.
Engaging Families in Poverty - Workshops
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Rules exist in the culture of poverty as well as in all social classes. Although these are not written anywhere, nor enforced by any authority, they are passed along from one generation to the next and serve as guidelines for how one performs in life situations. In poverty, these rules help people to survive. The challenge comes when people need to operate in a world where other class rules are required for success. This often happens in the workplace where middle class values take precedence. Understanding how these rules function supports ECE professionals in their work with families in poverty.

Upon completion of The Hidden Rules of Poverty, participants will be able to -

  • Identify examples of the hidden rules needed to survive in poverty.
  • Explain how different economic classes’ hidden rules function.
  • Describe how the hidden rules of poverty can create barriers to success for families.


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