Renewable Energy Resources

Information on renewable and alternative energy resources, including wind, wood, solar, waste plastic, high efficiency homes, perennial plantings and converting organic waste to energy. Tips on alternative energy credits and woody biomass energy.

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Coffee Pellets (Photo Courtesy of SRG Inc.)
Warming Up Your Cup - News News

Warming Up Your Cup


That mug of coffee might just keep you warm next winter. More
Fall Harvest of Switchgrass in Northwest PA
Biomass Crop Producers Eye Favorable Marketplace - News News
Growers' Association Active as Opportunities for Warm Season Grasses Show Signs of Growth More
Proposed Solar Farm at Hunker Wastewater Treatment facility
Regional Water Authority Begins Move to Renewable Energy - News News
Penn State Extension's REMAP Program Brings Renewable Energy Cost Savings to Western PA More
Grants Awarded for Seaweed Production for Energy Use - News News
The US Department of Energy awarded $22 million in grants to help make the US a top producer of macroalgae, which can be used as a transportation fuel feedstock. More
Average US Cost to Produce Solar PV Power, based on NREL Data
Solar Parity Drawing Near - Articles Articles

Solar Parity Drawing Near

Edward Johnstonbaugh

Many Regions in the US are reaching a tipping point in terms of the economics of solar photovoltaics More
Applied Biogas Technology: Converting Organic Waste to Energy
Applied Biogas Technology: Converting Organic Waste to Energy - Online Courses Online Courses
Biogas is renewable natural gas produced from organic waste. This course explains how biogas is produced, the equipment needed, and how to estimate yield. More
Builder's Perspectives on High Efficiency Homes
Builder's Perspectives on High Efficiency Homes - News News
Part 3 in the series of articles on high efficiency houses More
Professor Marvin Hall Discusses Ecosystem Benefits of Switchgrass at the Recent Short Course
Perennial Crops, Working for Us - News News

Perennial Crops, Working for Us


Short Course Discusses Ecosystem Services Provided by Perennial Plantings More
Bioenergy Crops Site Tour July 2013
Bioenergy Crops Demonstration Site - Articles Articles

Bioenergy Crops Demonstration Site

Daniel Ciolkosz, P.E.

Penn State's Division of Farm Services, in conjunction with Extension and the Biomass Energy Center, carries out annual crop tests of promising varieties of different bioenergy crops. More
USDA ARS Photo Unit, USDA Agricultural Research Service,
NEWBio Switchgrass Budget for Biomass Production - Articles Articles
This article provides an enterprise budget for growing switchgrass as a dedicated energy crop to help growers to understand the inputs, costs, and potential revenues. More
Wood Crest Farm in Wapwallopen, Pennsylvania
On-Farm Production of Biomass Grass Pellets: A Case Study - Articles Articles
This article describes an operation where switchgrass is grown and pelletized, covering all aspects of the operation, from crop establishment to marketing the crop, and an analysis of costs. More
On-farm Anaerobic Digestion Biogas Production in Pennsylvania - 30 Years On-farm Anaerobic Digestion Biogas Production in Pennsylvania - 30 Years - Articles
The recent resurgence of digesters in early 2000 have been installed mainly for electrical power production but also brings the added benefits of manure odor reduction and pathogen destruction. More
Sudangrass from 2009 Demo Site (D Ciolkosz)
Field Crops for Energy - Articles Articles

Field Crops for Energy

Daniel Ciolkosz, P.E.

Demands for sustainable, renewable energy sources will likely require the development of new cropping systems. More
Biofuels Seed Box
Biofuels Seed Box - Articles Articles
This is a short, descriptive article describing some of the crops that have been tested at Penn State. More
Agricultural Anaerobic Digesters: Design and Operation Agricultural Anaerobic Digesters: Design and Operation - Articles
Renewed attention is now being directed to biogas generation as a source of fuel in the U.S.A. More
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