Energy Use and Efficiency

Information on renewable and alternative energy use and efficiency, including biogas production, biomass heating, farm energy efficiency and converting waste to energy. Tips on running diesel engine, green buildings and using wood stoves efficiently.

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Electricity Deregulation
Electricity Deregulation - Articles Articles

Electricity Deregulation

Daniel Ciolkosz, P.E.

The deregulation of electricity generation provides electricity customers with far more options in terms of how they purchase and use electricity. More
Conversion Factors for English and SI (Metric) Units
Conversion Factors for English and SI (Metric) Units - Articles Articles
This article is intended to serve as a reference for converting many different types of measurements quickly and accurately from one system of units to another. More
Cooking With Gas!
Cooking With Gas! - Articles Articles
Many families in the People's Republic of China produce and utilize biogas for cooking meals, lighting their homes and even crop protection and storage. More
Always Look for the Energy Star
Always Look for the Energy Star - Articles Articles

Always Look for the Energy Star

Daniel Ciolkosz, P.E.

Whenever shopping for appliances and equipment for your home, look for the Energy Star. More
Diagram of the Franklin Stove, 1769
An Introduction to Biomass Heating - Articles Articles

An Introduction to Biomass Heating

Daniel Ciolkosz, P.E.

Combustion process, fuel choices, equipment, obtaining biomass fuels, and emissions and pollution. More
Energy Selector
Energy Selector - Guides and Publications Guides and Publications

Energy Selector

Dennis Elvin Buffington, Ph.D.

This unique slide-type piece allows you to make an "apples-to-apples" comparison of various heating fuels on the basis of cost per BTU. Values provided include #2 fuel oil, propane, natural gas, electricity, coal, corn, wood pellets, and firewood. Note: This piece is only available in hard copy due to its two-part design consisting of a sleeve and an insert. More