Energy Efficiency in Horticultural Operations

A variety of methods and tips to help horticultural producers improve their energy efficiency, make their operations more ecologically friendly, and improve their bottom line.
Energy Efficiency in Horticultural Operations - Articles


Penn State Extension horticulture and energy efficiency teams partnered to set up real-time energy monitoring sites at horticultural operations throughout Pennsylvania.

These sites include:

  • A tree fruit storage facility in Adams County
  • An ornamental nursery in Lancaster County
  • A cider press in Lancaster County

Another will be added soon:

  • A greenhouse in Indiana County

The real-time energy data from each operation can be viewed at the Pennsylvania Renewable Energy Monitoring Network (PREMNET).

PREMNET is a real-time energy monitoring tool designed to measure and report the impacts of renewable energy projects throughout Pennsylvania. Data from monitoring equipment installed at the selected sites show petroleum savings, energy use, cost savings, and CO2 emissions avoided.