Encouraging Kids to Eat New Vegetables

Trying new vegetables can be very difficult for kids. Textures and colors could be barriers for your child.
Encouraging Kids to Eat New Vegetables - News


Image Credit: A family walking through a farmers’ market is on SNAP-ed

Here are some ways to overcome these obstacles.

  1. allow your child or adult child to help prepare the meals with the new vegetables. They can do jobs like washing the veggies or stirring. This will allow them to learn how to cook and familiarize themselves with the new vegetables.
  2. offer two or more vegetable options at mealtime. By having a familiar vegetable and an unfamiliar vegetable on the table next to one another, the child may see that the new one is not scary after all.
  3. offer the same vegetables to the whole family. When the child sees other family members eating the new vegetable, they will want to join in and try it too.

Source: Tips for Picky Eaters