Emergency First Aid Care For Farmers

This program teaches how to provide valuable care to an injured person using items found around the home and farm.
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Farm trauma can be devastating. In many rural communities, it may be well over 20 minutes before emergency medical technicians arrive to take over medical care of an injured farmer. With proper training, family members and employees can provide lifesaving care to an injured patient.

Proper care not only helps lessen the seriousness of the injury, but it also provides tools to keep the people first on the scene busy while waiting for emergency services to arrive. This has shown to reduce anxiety and leads to better patient outcomes.

Program Goals

The Emergency First Aid Care for Farm Families program will teach farm family members and farm employees:

  • How to assess an injured person and manage life threatening conditions.
  • Items found around the home and farm that can be used as bandages or splints.
  • How to care for fractures or dislocations on an injured person.
  • The proper care for an amputated part or an impaled object.
  • How to safely and effectively decontaminate a person exposed to chemicals and where to get treatment information.
  • How to care for thermal and electrical burns and heat and cold exposure.
  • How to build a first aid kit for the home and farm.

The following modules cover emergency response to the most common types of serious farming injury.

Participants will learn to manage:

  • Patient assessment and A-B-C's
  • Musculoskeletal injuries
  • Chemical poisoning
  • Burns
  • Heat and cold emergencies

This is a great program to build community support.

There is no certification for this program offered.

Typical instructors for this program include EMS personnel, first aid instructors, and hospital community outreach personnel.