Emerald Ash Borer Look Alikes

These insects might be mistaken for the emerald ash borer, the introduced destructive pest of ash trees.
Emerald Ash Borer Look Alikes - Articles


Jim Occi, BugPics, Bugwood.org

An adult sixspotted tiger beetle, Cicindela sexguttata, is about 12 mm (1/2”) long. It is common along forest paths in Pennsylvania.
The adult dogbane beetle, Chrysochus auratus, is about 10 mm (3/8”) long.
The adult Japanese beetle, Popillia japonica, is about 10 mm (3/8”) long. It was first found in the United States in 1916 in a nursery in New Jersey.
An adult green June beetle, Cotinis nitida, is 18-25 mm (3/4
This wasp is a member of the insect family Chrysididae. They rarely exceed 15 mm (1/2”) in length.
The adult twolined chestnut borer, Agrilus bilineatus, is native to the eastern half of the United States. Adults are slender, 5 mm to 13 mm (1/5” to 1/2”) long beetles with two light stripes on their front wings.
An adult dog-day cicada, Tibicen sp., body is about 40 mm (1 5/8”) long. It is a native species.
An adult red-legged Buprestis, Buprestis rufipes, is known from eastern North America. It is about 35 mm (1 1/2”) long.
The adult bronze birch borer, Agrilus anxius, is less than 12 mm (1/2”) long. Emergence of the adult creates a D-shaped emergence hole in branches and trunks of birch.