Dominion Energy Announces Long-range Energy Plan

Plan looks at pairing renewable power with new high-efficiency, natural gas-fueled power stations and nuclear generation.
Dominion Energy Announces Long-range Energy Plan - News


Dominion Energy Virginia released their 2018 Integrated Resource Plan for the next 15 years, providing options for improvements in reliability, energy efficiency, and grid modernization. The plan forecasts how the company will generate power to meet customer needs and comply with regulatory requirements.

While uncertainty regarding future carbon regulations exists, Dominion’s plan includes five alternative plans, from no new future CO2 regulations to various forms of state or federal carbon control initiatives. All alternative plans include the following common elements:

  • Development of 4,720 megawatts (MW) of solar photovoltaic (PV) generation by year 15, 2033.
  • Additional natural-gas fired generation, including the 1,585 MW Greensville County Power station to be in service in 2019 and eight additional natural gas-powered facilities using combustion turbine technology, totaling approximately 3,664 MW by 2033, enough to supply the needs of more than 900,000 homes.
  • Long-term contracts with non-utility generators providing 760 MW of solar PV in Virginia and North Carolina by 2020.
  • Construction and operation of the Coastal Virginia Offshore Wind project, providing 12 MW of generating capacity by 2021.
  • Twenty year operating license extension for four nuclear units at the Surry and North Anna Power Stations.
  • Demand-side programs with the ability to reduce overall customer energy usage by 805 Gigawatt hours (GWh) and system peak demand by 304 MW in 15 years.
  • The potential retirement of six sites using older, less efficient coal, oil and natural gas technology, totaling 2,785 MW of power generation.
  • The potential retirement of the Pittsylvania biomass-powered generation station by 2021, that generates 83 MW.

Currently Dominion has 746 MW of total solar capacity under operation or development in Virginia. Under the plan, Dominion Energy Virginia could have enough solar power for 1.18 million homes at peak sunlight.

"Dominion Energy Virginia remains committed to its long standing goal of responsible operations; a diverse, balanced generation fleet that avoids over-reliance on a single fuel type or technology; and providing reliable and affordable energy to its customers," said Paul Koonce, CEO of Dominion Energy Power Generation Group. "These goals guided development of the 2018 Plan and will guide the company in the future."

The complete Integrated Resource Plan can be found on Dominion’s website.