Disposing of Used Pesticide Containers

Take time to dispose of used pesticide containers properly.
Disposing of Used Pesticide Containers - Articles


USDA Forest Service - Region 8 - Southern, USDA Forest Service, Bugwood.org

Now that we've had an opportunity to do some spraying on the farm, there's more than likely some empty pesticide containers that can be found somewhere in the chemical storage area. One of the tasks that should be on our list is to dispose of the containers in a proper manner. One of the most environmentally friendly ways you can dispose of your containers is through Pennsylvania's Plastic Pesticide Container Recycling (PPCR) Program. This program is free and available to all pesticide users.

Here are some tips for preparing your containers:

  • Insure that all containers are free of product (inside and outside)
  • Pressure rinse or triple rinse container
  • Remove all label booklets, plastic sleeves and caps
  • Only #2 HDPE plastic containers will be accepted. If you have drums or barrels up to 55 gallons, cut them in half, and then quartered

Collected containers are granulated into chips and recycled as part of a program sponsored by the Agricultural Container Research Council. A wide array of end uses for recycled HDPE are being developed, including fence posts, pallets, speed bumps, marine pilings, and field drain tiles.

Participating locations are available in each of PDA's 7 regions. For more information, including a listing of locations by region, check out Plastic Pesticide Container Recycling.