Demonstration Trailer

The scale model demonstration trailer has been designed for on-site educational presentations that illustrate and reinforce toxic gas hazards and proper ventilation of confined-space manure storages.
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Scale Model Demonstration

The unit is built inside a seven foot tall by fourteen foot long enclosed trailer. Spectators watch the demonstrations through a four foot tall by twelve foot long hinged door in the side of the trailer. A self-contained PowerPoint is used to help communicate important points. The scale model manure storage inside the trailer is constructed with a removable animal housing structure. With the barn removed, plastic floor panels can be exchanged to simulate slotted floor or solid covered storages. Ventilation fans are installed at desired locations in the manure storage as well as in the barn structure.

This demonstration trailer is available for presentations to adults and youth group 12 years of age and older. The two presentations (solid covered floor, slotted covered floor) can be completed within 20-25 minutes each.

A Study Guide for Instructors and a Self-Guided Instructor's Manual are available to help extension educators that wish to borrow the demonstration trailer and conduct their own programs. There is a cost recovery charge for demonstrations that require the trailer to be transported by the Penn State agricultural safety and health team. Contact Stephen Brown () for details.