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Senior Extension Educator - Agronomy


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    About Me

    Professional Experience:  

    Program history

    Educator has provided educational programs to Pennsylvania Crop Producers  in Agronomy for 24 years .  Programs varied from soil fertility to crop and pest management.  Program delivery consisted of one on one discussion, in depth meetings and newsletters.  He currently oversees the Soybean contest and has supervised over 900 National and State Contest yields.



    Four years before gaining the Senior Extension Educator rank the educator worked as an Extension Agent in the broad educational areas of Agronomy, Horticulture, Forestry, Animal Science, Dairy Science and 4-H Tractor Safety.  Prior to  Extension employment the educator worked as a Crop Production Specialist with Cenex/Land O’lakes. The educator advised @ 30,000 acres of corn and soybean producers in Blackhawk County, Iowa on crop protection product selection and use. The educator continues to receive calls from Iowa producers related to crop production.


    Research and demonstration plots

    Numerous research and demonstration plots are conducted each year by the agent as determined by an advisory group and with the assistance of specialists.  Plots completed over the  consisted of the following with specialists support listed after plot emphasis:


                Narrow Row Corn - Roth

                Silage hybrid quality plot - Roth

                Corn Biotechnology plot - Roth

                Corn Hybrid screening plot - Voight

                Corn Hybrid by starter plot- Voight

                Corn Population plot - Roth  

                Wheat chlorophyll meter test - Beegle

                Rye versus triticale yield trial - Voight

                Alfalfa seeding rate trial pending publication - Hall

                Round Up Timing plot pending publication - Curran

                Biosolids evaluation plot pending publication – Stehouwer

                Prevalence of European Corn Borer and Performance of Bt Hybrids

                Scab Modeling Verification  Dewolf



                Alfalfa Weevil Modeling Verification – Calvin

                Soybean Response to Varying Row Widths – Voight

                Alfalfa response to Chloride applications – Voight

                Corn Trait Comparison Study – Voight

                Soybean Seed Treatment Assessment – Voight

                Soybean Population Variables – Roth/Voight

                Soybean Response to Pesticide Applications – Roth/Voight

                Soybean On Farm Network- Establish and maintain research network statewide.





    M.S - Iowa State University - Ag Extension Education