Debra C. Burrows, Ph.D.

Clinton County Master Gardener Coordinator


    About Me

    Dr. Debra Burrows became Clinton County's Volunteer Master Gardener Coordinator in October 2015. As coordinator, she oversees the general function and activities of the Master Gardener Program.

    Deb provides oversight to Master Gardener projects either directly or by communicating with various committee chairs. She is responsible for recruitment and training of new Master Gardener volunteers and with provision of advanced training to currently certified Master Gardeners. She frequently serves as a guest speaker and instructor and was instrumental in expanding the annual Master Gardener plant sale to include a selection of native plants.

    Deb is a life-long gardener who uses environmentally-friendly methods as much as possible. She and her husband maintain extensive bulb and perennial beds, a vegetable garden, fruit tress, pollinator meadow, and pond in central Pennsylvania. Deb has been a certified Master Gardener since 2008.