Dairy Grazing Discussions

A seven-month series of discussion group meetings focusing on the material in Sarah Flack's book titled "The Art and Science of Grazing"
Dairy Grazing Discussions - Workshops
Skill Level: Beginner, Intermediate
Length: 2 hours
Language: English
Note: A series of 7 discussion group meetings focused on "The Art and Science of Grazing"

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This series of lunch meetings will cover a wide variety of topics, guided by material from "The Art and Science of Grazing." Participants are encouraged to read book chapters beforehand. The facilitator will provide handouts and guide discussion. Book and meal purchases are the responsibility of the participant.

Most meetings will be held at Valley Dairy in Latrobe, PA, beginning at 11 a.m. and concluding by 1 p.m. The final two meetings will possibly be held at nearby grazing dairies in Westmoreland County.

Topics for discussion will be:

  • January 25 - Introduction, Benefits to Good Pasture Management, Grazing Systems
  • February 15 - Forage Selection, Planting
  • March 15 - Soil Health, Pasture Maintenance
  • April 12 - Animal Nutrition, Grazing Behavior
  • May 3 - Animal Health, Grass Only Systems
  • June 21 - Grazing System Design, Grazing Math
  • July 19 - Putting It All Together, Monitoring & Testing
Who is this for?

Primarily for dairy producers interested in grazing management

What will you learn?

A foundational overview of effective grazing management for dairy operations, strategies that help improve performance, and things that have been learned by other grazers in the region


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