Dairy, Livestock, and Crops Compliance Conference

Get production updates from Penn State experts in dairy, livestock, and crops, as well as receive your compliance credits in pest and nutrient management.
Dairy, Livestock, and Crops Compliance Conference - Workshops
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When: Sat., Feb. 23, 2019
(9:00 AM - 3:15 PM)

Where: Lebanon Valley Exposition Center and Fairgrounds
80 Rocherty Rd.
Lebanon, Pennsylvania 17042
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registration deadline: February 22, 2019
11:59 p.m.

Dairy, Livestock (Cattle Congress), and Crops Compliance Conference serves to offer compliance credits in pest and nutrient management, as well as production updates in crops, dairy, and livestock. It is a new program to work in tandem with the Cattle Congress and former Dairy Days.

A wide variety of production topics and breakouts will be available and will feature two keynote addresses relative to Dairy and Forages

Trade Show & Exhibits - Visit with vendors throughout the day!

Preregistration is strongly encouraged!

Exhibitors & Sponsors Invited!


$150 Commercial | $50 Non-Commercial

  • Will receive admission for two (2) members of their organization to the event.
  • Will receive a tabletop or exhibit area on-site near the refreshment station or at the luncheon area.
  • Will receive identification in the marketing flyer if payment is received before the deadline of December 15, 2018.

    We request that exhibits be educational with a focus on your product line.

    The Exposition is flexible on space and will accept large tractors or other types of equipment.

    Set-up will be available on the afternoon of February 22, 2019, to facilitate large equipment...or first thing February 23, 2019.


$50 Commercial | $30 Non-Commercial

  • Will receive identification in the marketing flyer if payment is received before the deadline of December 15, 2018


Saturday, February 23, 2019

* General Agenda *

09:00 am 2018 Weather Updates

09:30 am Breakout Session 1

10:15 am Breakout Session 2

11:00 am Breakout Session 3

11:45 am Breakout Session 4

12:30 pm Lunch

01:15 pm Economics of Alternative Ag Opportunities

02:00 pm Breakout Session 5

02:45 pm Breakout Session 6

03:15 pm Adjourn

Beef Congress Breakouts

09:30 am The Basics of Genomics

10:15 am Beef Margin Analysis Tool

11:00 am Why Feed Efficiency Matters

11:45 am Managing the Spring Flush of Pasture

02:00 pm Implant Techniques and Economics (Cadaver Ears)

02:45 pm Open Microphone

Core Credit Breakouts

09:30 am Designing and Calibrating a Small Scale Sprayer for Farmstead

10:15 am Recordkeeping and Nozzle Technology

11:00 am Ag Exclusion Zones

11:45 am Sprayer Maintenance and Clean-out

02:00 pm Personal Protective Equipment

02:45 pm Sprayer Nozzle Technology and Management

BQA and Swine Breakouts

09:30 am FFA Speaker

10:15 am Updates in Swine Production and Management

11:00 am BQA Recertification Training

11:45 am Spotted Lanternfly Update

02:00 pm PQA Session

02:45 pm What Can Rumination Tell Us About Managing Nutrition

Goat and Sheep Production Breakouts

09:30 am Feeding for Breeding, Pregnancy, or Lactation

10:15 am Preparing for Lambing/Kidding, Lambing/Kidding Problems, and Delivering Lambs or Kids

11:00 am Preparing for Lambing/Kidding, Lambing/Kidding Problems, and Delivering Lambs or Kids (continued)

11:45 am Udder Care and Mastitis

02:00 pm Health Issues During Gestation and After Lambing

02:45 pm Open Microphone

Category Credit Breakouts

09:30 am Pest Programs for Alternative Crops

10:15 am Transitioning to Vegetables and Keeping Ahead of Pests

11:00 am Pest Management in Stored Grains

11:45 am Pasture Weed Management Options

02:00 pm Fumigation Updates

02:45 pm Fumigation Updates (continued)

Dairy Forum Breakouts

09:30 am Precision Technology: What Else Can We Learn From the Data?

10:15 am Antibiotic Use and Resistance on Dairy Farms

11:00 am Diagnostic Tools to Monitor and Control Metabolic Diseases in Dairy Farms

11:45 am Farm Energy Procurement: Are You Getting the Best Rates?

02:00 pm Mastitis Management with Emphasis in Personnel Training

02:45 pm Open Microphone

Nutrient Management Breakouts

09:30 am Purchasing Manure: How Much Is It Worth?

10:15 am Nutrient Management Animal Weight Changes and Farm Inspections: The Impact on your Operation

11:00 am Managing Pasture Bare Areas

11:45 am Precision Zone Maps for Managing Nutrients

02:00 pm Precision Zone Maps for Managing Nutrients (continued)

02:45 pm Managing Damage to Soil After 2018 Rain - Lebanon Conservation District


Agriculture/Agronomy Plant Science

More by Delbert G. Voight, Jr 

Agriculture Sheep and Goat Production Beef Production Forage and Pasture Management

More by Melanie Barkley 

Transition cow management Dairy cattle reproduction Farm personnel training and performance Dairy production medicine Cow comfort

More by Adrian A Barragan, DVM, MS, Ph.D. 

Business Transition Farm Management Succession Adult Education Commodity Marketing

More by John Berry 

Field Crops Entomology Weed Management Cover Crops

More by Liz Bosak, PhD 

Beef Cattle production and management Calf Fed Holstein Initiative Forage production as it relates to Beef Cattle Transporter Quality Assurance Certification Pork Quality Assurance Certification Farm planning and analysis

More by Cheryl Ann Fairbairn 

Beef cattle nutrition Beef cattle metabolism Beef cattle management Feedlot nutrition and management

More by Tara L. Felix 

Field Crops Forages Hay Farm Business Management

More by Andrew Frankenfield 

Precision Dairy Technologies (Robotic Milking, Activity Monitors, etc.) Grazing / Pasture Management

More by Mathew M. Haan 

Forage agronomy Grazing system management Management of perennial and annual pasture Grass-finishing cattle

More by David Hartman 

Swine Production and Management Swine Growth and Development Swine Reproductive Physiology Nutritional Influence on Development

More by Elizabeth Hines 

Soil health Cover crops No-till systems Nutrient management

More by Zachary Larson 

Agronomy Hay & Forage Production Pesticide Education

More by Dwane Miller 

Ag Systems Agriculture/Environment Nutrient Management Water Quality Composting

More by Leon Ressler 

Dry/Transition Cow Management Animal Health Technical Training for Spanish-Speaking Audiences

More by Mauricio Rosales 

More by Hayley Ruth Springer 

Robbin Campbell

Courtney Cowden

Ken Nolt

Dave Saunders


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