Breeding Buck Soundness

You can’t afford to skimp on the price of a billy. You want to get the best possible animal within a reasonable price range.

It has been found that the kids will more resemble the billy than the doe. If the Billy is young, and you purchase him, he has the potential to influence between 200 and 300 kids before you are finished with him.

You want to pick the best billy possible. He should have good size and bone, be vigorous and active, and have a strong and masculine appearance.

You should purchase your billy early, at least one month before breeding time.

In general, billies will become more active and aggressive in the fall when most does are cycling. This will vary with some breeds that have the ability to breed “out of season.” Billies from breeds such as Boer and Spanish meat goats are likely to be aggressive all year, but will tend to be the most aggressive in the fall.