Disbudding Young Kids

One of the perils of working with goats can be dealing with their sharp horns.

The horns not only make goats difficult to work with, but they can also injure other goats. Another difficulty working around horned goats is that the goats tend to get their heads caught in fences and feeders.

However, disbudding can remove those horns when it is performed at a very young age. Disbudding is the process of removing the horns when they are mere buds erupting from the young kid's skull. Disbudding should be done when kids are very young, usually between one and two weeks of age.

The first step in disbudding is to numb the region around the horn buds using an anesthetic.

Proper restraint will keep the kid still during the disbudding process.

Use the smallest tip on an electric or gas dehorner for proper dehorning.

Carefully press the electric dehorner onto the buds for up to 20 seconds.

Wait a few seconds after removing the dehorner and then remove the horn buds, or caps.