Pasture Renovation

Pastures periodically may need renovated to bring them back to their original production status. Pastures can change through legumes dying out or weed species increasing in number. Walk through the pasture to determine the need to make any changes.

Pastures often change composition over time, sometimes due to decreases in soil fertility. A well managed pasture will include soil testing every three years with adjustments made according to the test recommendations.

Weeds can become a major issue when pastures are not managed properly. Weeds become more numerous and need to be controlled in order to increase pasture production and forage quality.

In some cases, pastures may need the plant species in the mix changed. This can be accomplished by adding another species into the mix or by killing off the existing sod and reseeding the entire field.

Timing can be a key to get the best results from your renovation practices.

When renovating pastures, always start with a soil test and adjust soil fertility. Many times, simply improving soil fertility will allow the preferred plant species to become more competitive and increase pasture production.