Core Topic Issue: Pesticide Storage Security

The following is a list of resources (articles, worksheets, and presentations) that have information about pesticide storage and security.
Core Topic Issue: Pesticide Storage Security - Articles


Proper storage signage.

Pesticide applicators and dealers must be aware of how their pesticides and pesticide application equipment are stored. Also, they must consider the security of their storage areas to guard against unauthorized use that could have tragic consequences.

Articles and Worksheets

  • Pesticide and Fertilizer Storage and Handling , Pennsylvania Farm-A-Syst: Farm Evaluation System
    When used properly, pesticides and fertilizers are effective crop management tools. However, these chemicals can endanger water quality and human health if they are not properly stored and handled. This worksheet evaluates your Farm pesticide and fertilizer program

  • Pesticide Storage and Security , Penn State Pesticide Education Program
    This fact sheet describes the proper procedures for storing pesticides and application equipment. Correct storage is important in preventing vandalism, theft, or the possible misuse of products. Details on storage space, location, construction, environment, security, and safe practices are provided

  • Pesticide Storage and Security, University of Maryland Pesticide Education and Assessment Program
    This leaflet describes general good storage practices as well as considerations for preventing theft and/or accidental exposure from storage areas. Many of these guidelines apply to all types of pesticide storage areas. A few are appropriate only for dealers and distributors.

Security Information Websites

  • Chemical Emergencies: Emergency Preparedness and Response, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
    Listings of specific chemical agents (alphabetical and by category), Information for the general public and information for professionals

  • Chemical Facility Anti-Terrorism Standards, Department of Homeland Security
    The Chemical Facility Anti-Terrorism Standards (CFATS) program identifies and regulates high-risk chemical facilities to ensure they have security measures in place to reduce the risks associated with these chemicals.

  • Knowing and Understanding Potential Security Threats, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency
    The Environmental Protection agency is issuing this Alert to all pesticide industry organization, facilities, and handlers as a precaution during this heightened state of security awareness.