Container/Containment Regulation Information

This information will help dealers and applicators determine if they need a secondary containment unit and/or a containment pad.
Container/Containment Regulation Information - Articles


Do I need a Secondary Containment Unit and/or a Containment Pad?

Scope of the Federal Pesticide Containment Regulations is a flowchart to help you determine if the federal containment regulations require you to have a secondary containment unit and/or a containment pad.

Other Resources

The majority of the following information was provided at a 2009 EPA Pesticide Inspector Residential Training (PIRT) workshop that Pennsylvania hosted for Department of Agriculture inspectors across the country. New materials have been added since the workshop. This information should be helpful to dealers and applicators, as well as inspectors.

If you are interested in more materials, including PowerPoints used at the PIRT workshop, please contact Sharon Gripp at for access to these additional resources.