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Designing Trees into the Urban Landscape & Managing Stormwater Designing Trees into the Urban Landscape & Managing Stormwater - Webinars
This webinar reviews the issues faced by urban design professionals seeking to make cities more sustainable and livable. More
Community trees improve cities and towns, as seen in Philadelphia.
Community Tree Plans: A Guide for Tree Commissions and Advisory Councils - Articles Articles
This article explains planning hierarchies and putting tree planning into practice, including effective administration; analysis of hazardous trees; proper site preparation; and proper tree selection. More
Topping trees results in large areas of decay and fast-growing, weak, and unattractive watersprouts.
Don't Top Trees - Articles Articles

Don't Top Trees

William Elmendorf, Ph.D., Henry Gerhold, Ph.D.

This article explains the dangers of tree topping and what measures should be taken to prevent them. More
Community forests enhace neighborhoods, like the tree-lined street these girls ride their bikes down.
Community Forests - Articles Articles

Community Forests

Sanford S. Smith, Ph.D.

Community forests are made up of the trees, plants, wildlife, and water found in places where people live, work, and play together. People play an important part in their care. More