Common Concerns About Water and Shale Gas Drilling

True or false questions about the Role of Water in Shale Gas Drilling in relation to the video.
Common Concerns About Water and Shale Gas Drilling - Articles


Try answering these true or false questions about the Role of Water in Shale Gas Drilling before watching the True or False Presentation. Then circle the correct answer as you watch the presentation to see what misconceptions or misunderstandings you may have.

QuestionMy Answer
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Correct Answer
1Water is needed for drilling and removal of natural gas from the Marcellus shale.True or FalseTrue or False
2Rules for water withdrawals for natural gas drilling in the Marcellus shale are the same throughout the Mid-Atlantic region.True or FalseTrue or False
3In Pennsylvania, drillers can take as much water as they want out of permitted streams.True or FalseTrue or False
4Control of erosion and sedimentation is important on Marcellus drilling sites.True or FalseTrue or False
5Chemicals added to water for fracing include oils, gels, acids, bases, alcohols, antibacterials, and manmade organic chemicals.True or FalseTrue or False
6Hydraulic fracturing has contaminated groundwater in Pennsylvania.True or FalseTrue or False
7Faulty Marcellus shale well construction has allowed the release of flammable methane gas into private drinking water wells.True or FalseTrue or False
8Spills of fracing chemicals or drilling wastewater at the drilling site or from trucks can contaminate soils and reach the water table.True or FalseTrue or False
9Most of the water that comes back up out of a well after fracing is reused to frac another well.True or FalseTrue or False
10Most flowback water in Pennsylvania is treated at public wastewater treatment plants.True or FalseTrue or False
11Most Marcellus wastewater is disposed of by injection deep underground in wells in Ohio and West Virginia.True or FalseTrue or False
12Disposal of shale gas wastewater in underground injection control wells has been tied to recent small earthquakes in Ohio.True or FalseTrue or False
13Flowback water can contain radioactive materials.True or FalseTrue or False
14It is clear how natural gas drilling in the Mid-Atlantic region will advance in the future.True or FalseTrue or False