Colleen Chapman

Extension Educator, Dairy


    Calf and Heifer Management
    Dairy Nutrition



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    About Me

    Colleen is a new Extension Dairy Educator based in Bradford County. Colleen completed her Ph.D. in Agricultural Sciences at the University of New Hampshire with research focused on dairy calf and heifer management, including studies to improve colostrum quality and IgG uptake of neonatal calves, nitrogen efficiencies of conventional vs. moderately high protein milk replacer fed calves, and effects of the essential oil, cinnamaldehyde fed to heifers and lactating dairy cows. She also earned an M.S. degree at the University of New Hampshire and a B.S. degree from the University of Rhode Island, both in Animal Sciences. 

    Colleen has authored and co-authored several research articles in the Journal of Dairy Science and was a former Research Project Coordinator for APC Inc., evaluating the Brix refractometer to estimate IgG concentration in bovine colostrum on New England dairy farms. Colleen was a teaching assistant in anatomy and physiology at the University of New Hampshire and also has teaching experience in the areas of dairy nutrition, advanced dairy management, and physiology of lactation.


    Ph.D., Agricultural Sciences (University of New Hampshire) M.S., Animal Sciences (University of New Hampshire) B.S., Animal Sciences (University of Rhode Island)