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Growing Christmas trees is a complex, high-risk business that requires a special type of person and a significant investment to get started. Before anyone plants their first tree, they should consider the physical work involved, the study required to learn all that is needed to grow a crop from start to finish, the length of time their money will be invested before the first sale, and the risk involved. With hard work and careful planning, Christmas tree growing can be financially rewarding and personally satisfying.


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My name's Dave Slaybaugh, Mountain Ridge Farms.

We have 350 acres of apple, 100 acres of peach, and 85 acres of Christmas trees. What would be one of the benefits of Christmas trees to your operation? Diversification.

That way we have apples, peaches, and Christmas trees for income at the end of the year. What are the challenges of producing Christmas trees? Probably the most challenges are the weather. You trim the Christmas trees in July and August which is some of the hottest times of year and you harvest the Christmas trees November and December.

This year we occurred about four different snowstorms and you're out here you're cutting trees in the snow, in the ice, rain, whatever weather conditions may be.

How do you market your Christmas trees?

we market wholesale is our whole clientele.

What other marketing options are available? They have retail, cut-your-own, or online and then wholesale.

Is there anything else you want people to know about Christmas, producing Christmas trees?

There's a little bit more work into it than anybody realizes. You're gonna be, you know, herbiciding twice a year, spring and fall.

You're gonna put on about 5 to 6 sprays a year for fungicide and insecticide.

You're gonna have to trim them once a year. So there's definitely a lot more work that goes into them than a lot of people realize. A lot of expense.


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