Charles Abdalla, Ph.D.

Professor of Agricultural and Environmental Economics


    Natural Resource Economics
    Environmental and Energy Policy Analysis
    Water Resources Management
    Institutional Economics
    Public Issues Education



    About Me


    Research Interests

    I conduct applied studies on a variety of natural resource development and environmental issues and policies in Pennsylvania, the Northeast/Mid-Atlantic region, and the U.S. These topics include: land use conflicts, water quantity and quality management, air/water impacts from animal agricultural operations, evaluation of watershed scale and market-like approaches to environmental management, and impacts of development and use of traditional (fossil fuel-based) and renewable/alternative energy sources.

    Outreach/Extension Interests

    My current extension teaching is focused on existing and alternative policies and institutions to address the significant environmental, social and other impacts resulting from development and use of non-renewable energy sources, including shale gas from the Marcellus formation in Pennsylvania and several surrounding states) and renewable energy sources. Also, I teach programs that help audiences understand proposals for market-like approaches to environmental management (e.g., water quality credit trading, ecosystem service markets) and ways that such proposals can be evaluated.

    Recent Selected Publications

    Abdalla, C. W. Regional Water Management Institutions and Unconventional Gas Development in the Northeast/Central US. National Agricultural and Rural Development Center Policy Brief. 4 pp. 2014.

    Abdalla, C. W., Rimsaite, R. and B. Swistock. Municipal Officials' Decisions to Lease Watershed Lands for Marcellus Shale Gas Exploration, Journal of Environmental Studies and Sciences, Spring 2013.

    Abdalla, C., Drohan, J., Rahm, B., Jacquet, J., Becker, J., Collins, A., Klaiber, Poe, G. and D. Grantham. Water's Journey Through the Shale Gas Drilling and Production Processes in the Mid-Atlantic Region. Penn State and Mid-Atlantic Water Program publication, 10 pp. 2012.

    Abdalla, C., J. Drohan, and J. Becker. River Basin Approaches to Water Management in the Mid-Atlantic States. Penn State Extension and Mid-Atlantic Water Program publication. 28 pp. 2011.

    Abdalla, C. and J. Drohan. Water Withdrawals for Development of Marcellus ShaleGas in Pennsylvania. Penn State Extension publication. 12 pp. 2010.


    Ph.D., Resource Economics, Michigan State University, 1985