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    About Me

    Capri’s lifelong agriculture background and her 16 years of experience teaching in public schools are combined to build curriculum and market the biosecurity and animal well-being message to 4-H livestock producers, equine enthusiasts and young agricultural entrepreneurs. Her goal is to make the biosecurity campaign "Be WISE - Be Biosecure" as well known as "stop, drop and roll".

    My role as an extension educator is to help troubleshoot biosecurity challenges on the farm and public livestock facilities used for youth events. I provide education and evaluation of facilities and equipment where practical improvements help improve best management practices. I teach youth to recognize visible characteristics of animals in various stages of disease, their responsibility in preventing spread of a bacteria and virus at public events and practical measures in their daily routine that will reduce the risk of disease transmission.

    Be WISE = Watch, Isolate, Sanitize, Educate was recently expanded to Be WISER! Adding the R to the acronym, which stands for Report. Applying Biosecurity measures to everyday life is the only way to increase your chances of avoiding disease on your farm. Biosecurity is not just for larger farms. It is just as important to small farms and agricultural endeavors.

    Capri serves as the co-chair of the 4-H Animal Science Working Group, on the Executive Board of Directors for the Pennsylvania Equine Council (PEC), and on the 4-H Horse Development Committee.

    Capri and her husband Bob manage a small herd of Maine-Anjou beef cattle and a couple of horses on a 94-acre farm in Cambria County. They support the breed and the industry by competing at the PA Farm Show and the Keystone International Livestock Exposition.


    MS in Education Administration from Duquesne University