Calibration How Tos: Easy Way to Sprayer Calibration

Calibration chart and other resources (Maneras Fáciles de: Calibrar una Aspersora de Aguilon)
Calibration How Tos: Easy Way to Sprayer Calibration - Videos


Ounces to Gallons Method

This method uses a linear calibration course equal to 1/128th of an acre. The output from the sprayer is collected for the time required to travel 1/128th of an acre. Because a gallon is 128 ounces and the course is 1/128th of an acre, the output collected in ounces is equal to the gallons applied per acre. The Travel Distance Table shows how many linear feet the sprayer must travel to give the equivalent of 1/128th of an acre at various nozzle spacings and band or row widths. When the sprayer travels this distance, each nozzle will have sprayed 1/128th of an acre.


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