Crop Insurance for Cabbage

Crop insurance for cabbage in Pennsylvania.
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Cabbage is insurable in Schuylkill County and may be insurable in other counties by written agreement if specific criteria are met.

Cabbage is insured by type (green or red fresh cabbage) and practice (summer planted), as specified in the Special Provisions of Insurance. Cabbage to be marketed as coleslaw is considered fresh market cabbage and is insurable as fresh cabbage. To be insured, cabbage must be:

  1. From the family Brassicaceae and genus Brassica, excluding Savoy and Chinese cabbage or oriental greens;
  2. Planted with inspected transplants, or hybrid seeds without interplanting;
  3. Planted within the planting periods, as designated in the Important Dates section;
  4. Grown to be sold as fresh cabbage; and
  5. Planted in rows wide enough to permit mechanical cultivation, unless otherwise approved by written agreement.

Land on which Clubroot was detected within the previous 10 years, or Blackleg or Black Rot was present in any of the previous 4 years is not insurable.

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