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Agricultural Hand Signals
Agricultural Hand Signals - Articles Articles

Agricultural Hand Signals

Dennis Murphy, Ph.D.

The American Society of Agricultural Engineers has developed standardized hand signals because communication on the farm often cannot be accomplished vocally due to noise or distance. More
Heat Illness and Agriculture
Heat Illness and Agriculture - Articles Articles

Heat Illness and Agriculture

Dennis Murphy, Ph.D.

Farm workers should be familiar with the signs of heat illnesses. More
Figure 1
Hazards of Flowing Grain - Articles Articles

Hazards of Flowing Grain

Dennis Murphy, Ph.D., Davis E. Hill

Flowing grain has many hazards that may go unnoticed. This task does not seem to demand much attention to safety until an incident occurs. More
S.K. McDonald,
Safe Disposal of Pesticides - Articles Articles
Read the pesticide label for specific disposal instructions. More
Howard F. Schwartz, Colorado State University,
Safe Storage of Pesticides - Articles Articles
Read the label for specific storage instructions and precautions. More
Symptoms of Pesticide Poisoning
Symptoms of Pesticide Poisoning - Articles Articles
The symptoms of pesticide poisoning can range from a mild skin irritation to coma or even death. Different classes or families of chemicals cause different types of symptoms. More
Safety First with Livestock
Safety First with Livestock - Articles Articles
Every year, hundreds of accidents occur on the farm whether it’s caused by livestock, tractors, machinery, or mistakes. More
Managing Livestock Mortalities Managing Livestock Mortalities - Articles
Proper management of animal mortalities on the farm has important implications in nutrient management, herd health, as well as farm family and public health. More
Manure Pit Standards and Regulations
Manure Pit Standards and Regulations - Articles Articles
There are two national consensus standards and one federal government regulation that are relevant to the design, construction and operation of confined space manure storages. More
Introduction to Grain Elevator and Feed Mill Fires
Introduction to Grain Elevator and Feed Mill Fires - Articles Articles
This training is designed to teach emergency responders the importance of preplanning for fires and other emergencies involving grain elevators and feed mills. More
Suggestions For Lawnmower Safety
Suggestions For Lawnmower Safety - Articles Articles
Tips on how to safely mow your lawn. More
Managing Farm Chemical Emergencies
Managing Farm Chemical Emergencies - Articles Articles
Teach emergency providers (fire, rescue, EMS, police) how to properly size up and manage emergencies that involve agricultural chemicals. More
Managing Tractor and Machinery Emergencies
Managing Tractor and Machinery Emergencies - Articles Articles
This module is designed to teach emergency responders how to properly manage emergencies involving machinery entanglements in various settings. More
Silo Fires
Silo Fires - Articles Articles

Silo Fires

Davis E. Hill

Protect your investment. The investment you make in putting the crop in the silo is less than what you would spend if purchasing the crop from someone else. More
Training Impact - Airville Rescue
Training Impact - Airville Rescue - Articles Articles
In August 2010, Airville Fire Company was dispatched for a person trapped in a silo. On arrival, it was learned that the tripod which holds the unloader had collapsed injuring the farm operator. More
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