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About AgrAbility
About AgrAbility - Articles Articles

About AgrAbility

Connie Baggett, Ph. D.

AgrAbility is a project designed to assist agricultural workers with disabilities or long-term health conditions by providing the resources they need to continue in production agriculture. More
Mr Egg in a rollover situation
Mr. Egg ROPS Demonstration - Articles Articles
Targeted to youth ages 8 to 16. The Mr. Egg Demo provides understanding on the center of gravity, stability baseline, the value of ROPS, and to discuss factors leading to tractor rollovers. More
Parts of the PTO Demonstration
PTO Hazards Simulator - Articles Articles
Intended for adult workers this table top demo is designed to provide a hands‐on, life‐like PTO entanglement scenario. Reaction time is measured in relationship to the speed of a turning PTO shaft. More
Farm Hazard Hunt Display
Farm Hazard Hunt Display - Articles Articles
This Demo will show many sources of farm hazards. Discussion of hazard prevention, developing a strategy to deal with potential hazards, and responding to injuries or fatalities from farm hazards. More
Tractor Stabiltiy Simulator
Tractor Stability Simulator - Articles Articles
A trailer mounted tractor cab equipped with hydraulic lift. A simulation of tractor operation on slope up to 30 degrees. Participants are interviewed as to their perception of slope angle. More
Flow Grain Demo
Table Top Flowing Grain Hazards Demonstration - Articles Articles
Demo offers an understanding on how flowing grain causes grain bin entrapments. Discussion on prevention of entrapment and first‐on‐the scene emergency response. More
National Safe Tractor and Machinery Operation Program
National Safe Tractor and Machinery Operation Program - Articles Articles
The National Safe Tractor and Machinery Operation Program (NSTMOP) is a project of Hazardous Occupations Safety Training in Agriculture (HOSTA) for youth ages 14 and 15. More
Farm Family Emergency Response Training
Farm Family Emergency Response Training - Articles Articles
This program will lead participants through various scenarios that will force them to think about typical injury incidents and make proper decisions. More
Navigating the SAY National Clearinghouse
Navigating the SAY National Clearinghouse - Articles Articles
The SAY National Clearinghouse consists of two different types of educational products: formal curricula and other supporting resources. More
Photo by Jared Null
Assessing Biomass Processing Fire Hazards and Community Response Capabilities - Articles Articles
This publication focuses on fire hazards in systems that process perennial grass biomass. Described are major codes, the planning needed, and the capabilities of community fire services. More
ATV Stability Simulator Trailer
ATV Stability Simulator Trailer - Articles Articles
The ATV Stability Simulator is an interactive safety education simulator appropriate for all audiences age 8 and over. More
Hazards of Flowing Grain Demonstrations
Hazards of Flowing Grain Demonstrations - Articles Articles
The objective of the demonstration is to illustrate how grain flows in storage structures and transport vehicles, the hazards of flowing grain, and rescue procedures for freeing an entrapped victim. More
Online Ventilation Tool
Online Ventilation Tool - Articles Articles
The online tool is designed so pit designer/field engineers can predict how confined-space manure storage needs to be ventilated before it is safe to enter. More
Collection of various protective gear
Head, Eye, and Foot Protection Demonstration - Articles Articles
This demonstration is for adult workers. Using the Head, Eye, and Foot Protection Demonstration helps illustrate the value of choosing the proper personal protective equipment. More
Corn Harvest Hazard Simulator Demo
Corn Harvest Hazard Simulator - Articles Articles
This demonstration is aimed at adult workers. The Corn Picker Hazard Simulator presents a simulation of a clogged corn picker or forage harvester in operation. More
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