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Wine Grape Production
Wine Grape Production - Articles Articles

Wine Grape Production

Jayson K. Harper, Ph.D., Lynn Kime

Grapes are produced in many areas throughout the Commonwealth and lend themselves well to small-scale and part-time farming operations. More
Livestock Transportation
Livestock Transportation - Videos Videos

Livestock Transportation

Robert E. Mikesell


How to safely move between facilities, to another farm or to a livestock market, during livestock transportation. More
Farm House and Buildings
Owning and Leasing Agricultural Real Estate - Articles Articles
Land is the basic resource that distinguishes agriculture from most other types of businesses because it is required for the production of crops and livestock. More
Introduction to Equipment
Introduction to Equipment - Articles Articles
All farming enterprises will need some type of equipment to produce the products for sale. This may be a $300,000 combine or a $2,000 tractor. More
Steve Dewey, Utah State University,
Sprayer Calibration Saves Money - Articles Articles

Sprayer Calibration Saves Money

Andrew Frankenfield

Spending some time going over your sprayer in the spring can pay dividends. More
Calculate Costs for On-Site Electricity Generation
Calculate Costs for On-Site Electricity Generation - Articles Articles
This article applies to those farmers who buy fuel oil or gasoline to run their on-site generation equipment. More
A Disciplined Contract Process
A Disciplined Contract Process - Articles Articles
Questions to ask when deciding if a contract is necessary and what the terms should be. More
Buying a Used Tractor
Buying a Used Tractor - Articles Articles

Buying a Used Tractor

Andrew Frankenfield

Things to consider before so you can determine what to looking for in a used tractor. More
Conversion Factors for English and SI (Metric) Units
Conversion Factors for English and SI (Metric) Units - Articles Articles
This article is intended to serve as a reference for converting many different types of measurements quickly and accurately from one system of units to another. More
Photo by Loy Elliot
A Guide to Farming in Pennsylvania: Planning - Articles Articles
Even if you have begun work on a business plan, you may want to review this article in case it brings up issues that you had not yet attended to. More
Off-Season and Accelerated Lamb Production - Articles Articles

Off-Season and Accelerated Lamb Production

Lynn Kime, Melanie Barkley, David Hartman, Jayson K. Harper, Ph.D.

Sheep are ideally suited to small-scale and part-time farming operations in Pennsylvania due to their adaptability and nutritional versatility. More
Land Contract Program Supports Land Owners Selling to New Farmers
Land Contract Program Supports Land Owners Selling to New Farmers - Articles Articles
A land contract is a tool which can be used in transferring land to the next generation farmer as well. More
Agricultural Equipment
Managing Machinery and Equipment - Articles Articles
Efficient machinery management means having the right size and type of equipment available to do the job at the right time for the least cost. More
John Grande, Snyder Research Station showing how to modify your sprayer.
Better Coverage From Your Backpack Sprayer - Articles Articles
If you rely on a backpack sprayer, it is important to choose the right sprayer, calibrate correctly, measure correctly and use the right nozzles. More
Cattle flow through a Bud Box. Illustration from Dr. Craig Payne and Michele Proctor; University of Missouri Extension
Bud Boxes Gaining in Popularity for Cattle Handling - Articles Articles
Become familiar with the term "Bud Box"; it may change the way you work your cattle. More
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