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Photo credit: Steve Culman
Soil Quality Information - Articles Articles
Healthy soils yield healthy crops, But what is healthy soil and how do we achieve it? More
Plastic tunnel for early transplants
Transplant Production - Eckerton Hill Farm - Articles Articles
Farm profiles give new producers ideas and advice from experienced producers. More
Two Designs for Low Cost "Hot Beds" for Small Scale Production
Two Designs for Low Cost "Hot Beds" for Small Scale Production - Articles Articles
These two hot bed systems are a step up from growing under lights or in your kitchen window without all the costs of heating an entire greenhouse. More
Planning a Crop Rotation
Planning a Crop Rotation - Articles Articles
Creating a good plan for crop rotation in an easy-to-read map has many benefits. More
Soil Health: Soil Physical Properties
Soil Health: Soil Physical Properties - Videos Videos
Here we will talk about some of the physical properties of soil including organic matter, aggregate stability, water infiltration and compaction. More
Biodegradable Mulch Demonstrations
Biodegradable Mulch Demonstrations - Articles Articles
In order to look at the possible labor and resource savings, Penn State Extension educators working with growers, laid biodegradable mulch at seven sites around the state. More
Tomato late blight. Photo credit Beth Gugino, Penn State Plant Pathology.
Plant Disease Basics - The Disease Triangle - Articles Articles
Disease management begins with the fundamental understanding the three factors must be present and interact for disease to develop. More
Photo: William Lamont
On the Road—New Morning Farm - Articles Articles

On the Road—New Morning Farm

Elsa Sanchez, Ph.D., Thomas Ford

New Morning Farm is a certified organic diversified vegetable farm on 95 acres of land in Hustontown in southern Huntingdon County. More
Potato Production - Articles Articles

Potato Production

Lynn Kime, Jayson K. Harper, Ph.D.

With many varieties and high consumer consumption, potatoes fit well with many small growers and can be marketed through various outlets. More
Growing Potatoes Using Plasticulture
Growing Potatoes Using Plasticulture - Articles Articles
The production of early potatoes for direct marketing or sale to consumers can be a very lucrative enterprise for many growers who only grow 3-5 acres of potatoes in Pennsylvania. More
Potato Grower Interview
Potato Grower Interview - Videos Videos

Potato Grower Interview

Lynn Kime, Jayson K. Harper, Ph.D.

Potato Grower Interview More
Producción de Papa
Producción de Papa - Articles Articles

Producción de Papa

Jayson K. Harper, Ph.D., Lynn Kime

Debido a la amplia diversidad de tipos y el alto consumo por los consumidores, las papas son una buena opción empresarial para muchos productores. More
On the Road—Potato Planting at Huntsinger Farm Inc.
On the Road—Potato Planting at Huntsinger Farm Inc. - Articles Articles
Huntsinger Farm Inc. in Hegins, Pennsylvania specializes in potato production, packing, and wholesale marketing. More