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Information on business management, including the Start Farming project, models for the future, land aquisition, value-added agriculture and food for profit. Resources also available for new women farmers, young next generation producers and next generation Hispanic producers.

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Producción de Carne de Vacas/Terneros
Producción de Carne de Vacas/Terneros - Articles Articles
Los productores pueden retener las becerras para la expansión del rebaño o venderlas, junto con los novillos, a los operadores de lotes de engorde. More
On the Road: Huntsinger Farm – Potato Planting
On the Road: Huntsinger Farm – Potato Planting - Articles Articles

On the Road: Huntsinger Farm – Potato Planting

Elsa Sanchez, Ph.D., Tom Butzler

Huntsinger Farm Inc. in Hegins, Pennsylvania specializes in potato production, packing, and wholesale marketing. More
Fence Planning for Horses
Fence Planning for Horses - Articles Articles

Fence Planning for Horses

Eileen E. Fabian (Wheeler), Ph.D.

Horse fence can be one of the most attractive features of a horse facility. But not all fence is suitable for horses. More
Getting Started in Hops Production
Getting Started in Hops Production - Videos Videos

Getting Started in Hops Production

Tanner Delvalle


There are several important factors that must be considered before growing hops commercially. More
Tobacco Mosaic Virus on petunia. Photo: T. Ford, Penn State
Tobacco Mosaic Virus Prevention Starts with Worker Training - Articles Articles
The most important way that Tobacco Mosaic Virus (TMV) can be spread from plant to plant is on workers' hands, clothing or on tools. More
Photo: Seedling, U.S. Department of Agriculture, (CC BY 2.0)
Understanding Seeds and Seedling Biology - Articles Articles
Most vegetable crops start their life as seeds. More
Introduction to Value-Added Dairy
Introduction to Value-Added Dairy - Online Courses Online Courses

Introduction to Value-Added Dairy


3 hours

In this online course, learn about producing dairy products, such as yogurt and cheese. Apply marketing and financial tools to make profitable decisions. More
Food for Profit
Food for Profit - Online Courses Online Courses

Food for Profit


4 hours, 30 minutes

In this online course, small-scale food business entrepreneurs learn how to create a business using marketing, pricing, financing, and risk management tools. More
Retail Farm Market School
Retail Farm Market School - Online Courses Online Courses

Retail Farm Market School


6 hours

This online course teaches the basics of handling, preparing, and selling produce. Learn hands-on strategies to apply at markets and roadside stands. More
Mowing the sudex cover crop at the blueberry site at Five Elements Farm. The sudex was sown to compete against weeds, and was incorporated to add organic matter to the soil. Photo by J. Bozzelli.
Adding Small Fruits to Your Small Farm - News News
On a recent trip to a wholesale marketing cooperative, the manager explained how she is always looking for more fruit from her growers. More
How to Find Pesticide Applicator Certification Exams
How to Find Pesticide Applicator Certification Exams - Articles Articles
Find dates and locations for pesticide applicator certification exams on the Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture's PaPlants website. More
Orchard IPM - Field Guide to Tree Fruit Disorders, Pests, and Beneficials
Orchard IPM - Field Guide to Tree Fruit Disorders, Pests, and Beneficials - News News
This Penn State Extension publication, in Spanish and English, is designed for use by orchard employees - often the first individuals to detect a new occurrence of a fruit disease or insect pest. More
Scholl Orchards location in Kempton, Pennsylvania
An Evening With Scholl Orchards - News News

An Evening With Scholl Orchards


The Lehigh Valley Study Circle Network began its 2017 season with a meeting hosted by Scholl Orchards, located in Bethlehem and Kempton PA. More
Agritourism and Ag Safety
Agritourism and Ag Safety - Articles Articles
Have you considered ways to diversify your farm operation? Many families explore options for farm activities that invite the public onto their farm. More
2015 Tomato Crop at Scholl Orchards, Kempton PA
Tomato Support Methods - Articles Articles

Tomato Support Methods

Megan Chawner

This article provides an overview of the many different ways tomatoes can be staked or trellised- either in the field, high tunnel or greenhouse system. More