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Information on business management, including the Start Farming project, models for the future, land aquisition, value-added agriculture and food for profit. Resources also available for new women farmers, young next generation producers and next generation Hispanic producers.

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Tipos de Sistemas de Lavado
Tipos de Sistemas de Lavado - Videos Videos

Tipos de Sistemas de Lavado

Luke LaBorde, Ph.D., Lee Stivers


La necesidad de añadir desinfectantes al agua de lavado depende del tipo de sistema de lavado utilizado. More
Carrot transplants are grown in large quantities in Italy. They must be transplanted before the taproot reaches the bottom of the tray cell. Photo: G. Rampinini
Which Vegetable Will We Be Transplanting Next? - Articles Articles
Growers have figured out how to transplant vegetable crops that we once thought could only be direct-seeded in the field. More
Transplanting by hand can be labor-intensive.
Taking it to the Field: Seeding and Transplanting Vegetables - Articles Articles
Stand establishment is one of the most critical steps in producing a successful crop of vegetables. More
Study circle participants share experiences around the dinner table.
Vegetable Growers Reflect on Improving Efficiency on Small Farms - Articles Articles
Vegetable growers share their experiences about how to make the most efficient use of time, tools, labor and resources on the farm. More
The most accurate method to assess the genetic potential of your sheep is through EBV data.
Use Flock Records to Set Goals and Make Selection Decisions - Articles Articles
Where are you headed in the future? Do you have any production goals for your flock of sheep? More
Planning and Record Keeping - Get Off To a Good Start This Season!
Planning and Record Keeping - Get Off To a Good Start This Season! - Articles Articles
Farmers are often surprised by the amount of record keeping that their agricultural enterprise can entail. After all, your passion is likely in the production of your crops! More
Dairy Cows - Getting Started
Dairy Cows - Getting Started - Articles Articles

Dairy Cows - Getting Started

Sarah Cornelisse

Milk cows are the income generator for dairy farms. Proper nutrition and herd management, and many other factors are required for success. More
Calves and Heifers
Calves and Heifers - Articles Articles

Calves and Heifers

Sarah Cornelisse

Calves and heifers are the next generation on the dairy farm and their health and management will strongly influence the future of the business. More
Photo: Tara Baugher
Supporting Young, New, and Minority Farmers - News News
Two grants support Penn State's Extension programs for a next generation of farmers. More
Photo: Tara Baugher
Start Farming is a state-wide initiative to support a next generation of producers from diverse backgrounds. More
Keeping Honey Bees
Keeping Honey Bees - Articles Articles
The honey bee’s plight has struck a sympathetic nerve with many folks. Maybe you’re one of them. More
Scouting and Identifying Tomato Diseases
Scouting and Identifying Tomato Diseases - Videos Videos

Scouting and Identifying Tomato Diseases

Marley E Skinner


Tomatoes are an important and profitable crop for many vegetable growers. This video reviews the basics of proper scouting and identification of common diseases and their symptoms. More
Producción de Espárragos
Producción de Espárragos - Articles Articles
El espárrago es un cultivo perenne que se presta bien a las operaciones agrícolas a pequeña escala y a tiempo parcial con muchas oportunidades en el mercado. More
Catsmeow | Bigstock
Producción de Calabaza - Articles Articles
Las calabazas son un cultivo que se presta bien a las operaciones agrícolas a pequeña escala y a tiempo parcial. More
Natikka | iStock
Producción de Pepino - Articles Articles
Los pepinos se prestan bien a las operaciones agrícolas a pequeña escala ya tiempo parcial y existen múltiples mercados para los productores con menos de 5 acres. More