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Registering Your Business
Registering Your Business - Articles Articles

Registering Your Business

Luke LaBorde, Ph.D.

This fact sheet will help you learn about how to register your food business in Pennsylvania. More
Working with the Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture
Working with the Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture - Articles Articles
The Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture (PDA) Bureau of Food Safety and Laboratory Services is responsible for enforcing food regulations and inspecting food establishments. More
Before You Start
Before You Start - Articles Articles

Before You Start

Luke LaBorde, Ph.D.

Starting any business is no easy task. You'll have to prepare yourself for the hard work and dedication it takes to succeed in the food business. More
Home Food Processing
Home Food Processing - Articles Articles

Home Food Processing

Luke LaBorde, Ph.D.

Setting up a food-processing business in your home has advantages and disadvantages. This fact sheet provides considerations for how to set up your food-processing business. More
Business Planning
Business Planning - Articles Articles

Business Planning

Luke LaBorde, Ph.D.

Before starting your new food business, you need a clear vision of how you want your business to operate; how it will be managed, marketed, financed, and how you expect it to perform in the future. More
Insurance for Food Entrepreneurs
Insurance for Food Entrepreneurs - Articles Articles
Food business owners are held responsible for any harm that comes to employees, visitors who come to your establishment, and consumers who eat your products. More
Price and Pricing
Price and Pricing - Articles Articles

Price and Pricing

Luke LaBorde, Ph.D.

There is a difference between price and pricing. Each method has own advantages and disadvantages. More
Shared Commercial Kitchens In and Around Pennsylvania
Shared Commercial Kitchens In and Around Pennsylvania - Articles Articles
Shared commercial kitchens, sometimes called kitchen incubators, are commercial kitchens where you can prepare and process your new food product. More
Poultry and Game Birds
Poultry and Game Birds - Articles Articles
Pennsylvania has a vibrant poultry and game bird industry. More
Value-Added Agriculture: Dairy Products
Value-Added Agriculture: Dairy Products - Articles Articles
As of 2014, there were 84 dairy plants producing one or more dairy products in Pennsylvania. More
Starting a Value-Added Enterprise
Starting a Value-Added Enterprise - Articles Articles
Starting a value-added business can be both rewarding and time consuming to complete the necessary steps to begin production. More
Food Venture Risk Management Plan
Food Venture Risk Management Plan - Articles Articles
If you have started or are planning to begin a value-added food business, you should consider your risk management plan and what will be included within that plan. More
Marketing to Ethnic Segments: Halal Products
Marketing to Ethnic Segments: Halal Products - Articles Articles
Explore marketing to various sectors to maintain a successful business. More
Feasibility Studies - What Are They?
Feasibility Studies - What Are They? - Videos Videos
This video will explain what a feasibility study is, how it differs from a business plan, and explain the process for completing one. More
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Food for Profit - Workshops Workshops

Food for Profit


Dauphin, PA

The Food for Profit workshop takes you step by step through the information necessary to start and run a small food product business. More
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